Alastair Greene releases “Nome Zayne” video

Alastair Greene has released a music video for “Nome Zayne” off his new album, Dream Train. The track was written by Billy Gibbons and Greene explained in a recent interview with Blues Rock Review how the song ended up on Dream Train.

“David Z had a few demos that Billy (Gibbons) had recorded and he sent them to me and said, if I liked any of them, to pick one out and he’d ask Billy if we could record it. I thought “Nome Zayne” was really cool and picked that one. Billy gave us his blessing to record the song and we went for it. It’s a fun song and very unlike anything I would write but it fits in really well with the rest of the record,” said Greene.

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3 Responses to “Alastair Greene releases “Nome Zayne” video”

  1. Ted Stone says:

    Neat backstory and coll video!

  2. Ted Stone says:

    Oops, COOL video.

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