Laurence Jones: The Truth Review

UK based blues rock guitarist Laurence Jones returns with The Truth. This is already the 5th album of Jones’ young career who continues to release new albums at a high rate. The Truth was recorded in Miami with producer Gregory Elias and mixed by Juan Mario Aracil. Phil Wilson (drums), Greg Smith (bass), and Bennett Holland (keys) join Jones in the band.

The album kicks off with “What Would You Do,” which has a great groove and soaring vocals in the chorus. Jones is known as a guitar slinger, but his vocals are quite impressive. The pace picks up on “Don’t Let Me Go,”‘ which has a very catchy chorus, nice vocal harmonies, and a well placed and timed guitar solo. Jones’ maturity really shows because, yes, he can play guitar quite well, but no where on the album does he overplay. The guitar serves the song, not the other way around and his vocals are a real highlight.

The production on The Truth is a bit more slick than most blues rock albums. The keys take center stage driving “Hold Me Close,” which again features some nice vocal harmonies in the chorus. “Keep Me Up All Night” is a very slick track and infectiously catchy. “Give Me Your Time” follows and features yet another catchy chorus. Notice a trend? The backing vocals are a nice touch complimenting Jones’ lead vocal. “Gone Away” is another standout track featuring some wah-wah guitar with an enticing chorus.

The Truth might just be the catchiest blues rock album of the year. The biggest problem with The Truth is every time a track ends you want to play it again, but then the next song begins and you can’t stop listening to that one. The album might not be quite as bluesy as some would want, but again, Jones’ playing serves the song and the guitar solos are well placed. The Truth is about the songs and they don’t get much better. This is a no filler album featuring great hooks and is the high point of Jones’ young career.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– What Would You Do
– Don’t You Let Me Go
– Keep Me Up At Night
– Give Me Your Time
– Gone Away

The Big Hit

– Don’t You Let Me Go

Review by Pete Francis

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