Underrated Guitarists (Episode 1)

Blues Rock Review is excited to announce the launch of a new video series highlighting underrated guitarists you need to know.

In Episode 1 the spotlight is put on Devon Allman, Tommy Emmanuel, and Monte Montgomery.

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20 Responses to “Underrated Guitarists (Episode 1)”

  1. Kevin Mealey says:

    Jack Pearson, David Grissom and Lee Roy Parnell. The first 2 played with the Allman Brothers for a bit and Jack Pearson handled Duane’s parts with deftness and taste. david Grissom is the guitar player on most of Joe Ely’s records, among others. Check out his playing on Ely’s “Settle For Love” or “Live At Liberty Lunch”, as well as with the late, great Austin band Storyville. And while you’re at it slip on any CD by Lee Roy and listen to his playing. There’s an evening of great guitar listening!

  2. Gary Milligan says:

    Philip Sayce,Brett Ellis,Gugun of Gugun Power Trio
    Craig Erickson,Martin J Anderson (Blindstone),Thomas Juneor Anderson (Kamchatka)
    JD Simo
    Just to name a few that came to mind

  3. Gary Milligan says:

    Forgot Mato Nanji(Indigenous) Parker Griggs (Radio Moscow) and Julian Sas

  4. philip PERRET-GALLIX says:

    il y a tellement de guitaristes extrardinaires et virtuoses, mais j’aime ceux qui ont la capacité de composer, et d’avoir une touche et une approche trés personnelle

    terry Kath, robin Trower, pat Patlansky, jimmy Herring, jackie Greene etc..

  5. Joe Dreyer says:

    Shane Hicks (The Blackwater Fever), Davy Knowles, 2nd vote for Mato Nanji, Luther Dickinson, Chris Vos (The Record Company), Alan Nimmo, Mike Zito, Jan Rynsaardt (Chase The Sun).

  6. MJ says:

    ERIC TESSMER!!! Blues Rock Guitarist out of Austin, TX. Hands move faster than the speed of light, always a blur to watch him play. He has 3 albums and two EPs. First time I saw him 1 1 years ago, it would love at first sound. They’re doing more touring across the USA lately. Mind-blowing, jaw-dropping Blues/ Rock/ Psychedelia. It’d be great to see you do a segment on Eric Tessmer!

  7. Martyn Hill says:

    I’d like to offer up two Albert’s – Castiglia & Cummings. Also Aynsley Lister, Been Poole, Coen Wolters, Brett Ellis (already mentioned above), Danny Bryant, and Rob Tognoni.

  8. Willis Burdzilauskas says:

    Checkout Matty T. Wall Australian blues , awesome

  9. Lo Bohman says:

    The Swedish guitarhero Clas Yngström ofcourse.

  10. FRED STEINER says:

    Ana Popavich, Joanna Shaw Taylor & Samantha Fish

  11. David Bailey says:

    Davy Knowles, Davy Knowles, Davy Knowles!!

  12. Eric Halloran, Sr. says:

    Frank Marino (Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush) from the past and Eric Steckel of the here & now! Where are they and what are they doing now? …have to go out and find these guys to see & hear them play! …Incredible guitarists!

  13. Wendee says:

    Albert Castiglia, Samantha Fish, Josh Garrett, Tyrone Vaughn, Bart Walker…just to name a few!

  14. Mark Young says:

    Davy Knowles

  15. Steven Herberg says:

    I saw Nick Schnebelen in Plattsburgh, NY last month, and I can’t get enough of him on youtube. Catch him playing Dear Mr. Fantasy with Davy Knowles for a real treat!!

  16. Kieran Roche says:

    Mike Brookfield (Ireland). https://www.mikebrookfield.com/ Two brilliant blues/rock albums under his belt. ”Love breaks the fall” and a new release “Brookfield”. See him live if you get the chance, great mix of the blues classics and originals.

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