Top 5 Rival Sons Albums

Rival Sons are one of the top blues rock bands today. They’re also one of the hardest working bands out there with a relentless touring schedule. Here are the top 5 Rival Sons albums to date.

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6 Responses to “Top 5 Rival Sons Albums”

  1. Jimbo McCraken says:

    Top 5 albums? They’ve only made 5 albums.

    • Gary MillIgan says:

      They made 6, Hollow Bones not on the list
      Also list includes EP
      My list
      1)Pressure and Time
      3)Head Down
      4)Before The Fire
      I did not discover the band till pressure and time and didn’t go back to the earlier albums
      Until after Head Down so maybe my view is skewed from that point on

  2. Sean says:

    Greta Van Fleet – wot a band! – the new Rival Sons of 2017 – Rock is alive and well!

  3. Thomas McGuire says:

    1. Head Down – every song is great
    2. GWV
    3. Pressure and Time
    4. Hollow Bones- Experimental to some degree, but works
    5. Rival Sons

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