Rival Sons Announce “Great Western Valkyrie”

Rival Sons have announced Great Western Valkyrie, set to release on June 6th in Europe, June 9th in the UK, and June 10th in the USA.

The group recorded with producer Dave Cobb in Nashville. This was also the first time the group recorded with new bassist, Dave Beste.

Frontman Jay Buchanan commented,

“I’d like to think we became a little bit more of ourselves making this record and that the selection of influences has broadened a bit.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching Miley during the recording; I believe his playing on this record is his most lyrical and musical yet and that’s probably a direct reflection of Beste’s fresh blood in the mix.  Speaking of Beste, whoa.  Thunder from his hands all over this album.  I think Scott really expanded his approach in these songs and you can definitely hear it in the moodier tracks, while on the hot tracks you can hear him forcing his aviary of Firebirds to drink moonshine.  Dangerous.  There are some serious house burners on GWV but there are also a couple where thesis dictated more subtlety from the arrangement.”

Great Western Valkyrie is now available for pre-order on iTunes, which includes five bonus tracks and three instant grat tracks.

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