Kamchatka: The Search Goes On Review

When today’s music industry demands hooks stationed around four chords and simple rhythms, it’s refreshing to find something just a little cleverer than the status quo.  That’s Kamchatka: essentially based in late sixties and early seventies, this is a band that isn’t afraid to tackle difficult rhythms and artful compositional structures.  Aptly named after Russia’s volcanically active peninsula, Kamchatka’s mastery comes from their balance of explosive energy and tight, meticulous arrangements.  The group delivers its adrenaline-charged fifth offering this month, titled The Search Goes On.  The record is an expansive collection of heavy tracks, and with Kamchatka citing groups like Cream, Led Zeppelin, and The Jimi Hendrix Experience as influences, it’s not surprising that the record wanders into psychedelic territory from time to time.

First of all, the hard rock elements of The Search Goes On need to be emphasized.  Thomas Andersson’s riff-oriented guitar work is a hark back to the band’s influences, but is also decidedly his own style, making use of the lower end frequently but still remembering to throw in lengthy solos when necessary, like in “Son of the Sea.”  “Somedays,” the album’s opener and lead-off single, also finds Andersson showing off his fast fingers supported by the rest of Kamchatka’s tight performances.  Tobias Strandvik takes opportunity to demonstrate his powerful drumming through the track’s various rhythm changes.

The Search Goes On incorporates some unique aesthetic angles as well.  A few seconds into “Pressure” and the bassline begins to form a sort of pattern supported with some rumbling percussion and angular chord changes.  “Cross the Distance” has a persistently melancholic drive, making for a particularly dark track.  “Thank You For Your Time” stands out vocally, not because it’s the most demanding melody Andersson offers, but rather because its simplistic construction evokes a certain nostalgia for vocal styles of the late sixties, complete with heavy double-tracking.

The Search Goes On isn’t exactly a nostalgia tour, but anyone hungry for hard rock’s golden age will want to sink some teeth into this record.  Andersson and friends deliver a powerful and refined collection of 10 solid tracks, a wonderful addition to any blues record collection.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Somedays
– Pressure
– Cross the Distance
– Thank You For Your Time

The Big Hit

– Somedays

Review by Richard MacDougall

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  1. vince says:

    Love all their work. Great stuff and band. Good review btw

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