John The Conqueror: The Good Life Review

Suave and cool as they come, John The Conqueror takes the scene with their second album, The Good Life. Born of voodoo magic, inspiration for the band comes from a folklore hero of the same name. They drive delta blues to the edge, adding the raw energy and rebellious nature of garage punk into the mix.

They start things off with a whopping tune, “Get ‘Em.” This embodies catchy riff and ferocious lyrics that bite. This transitions to a slow build up on “Mississippi Drinkin,” a tribute to their roots with a simple message. “Waking Up To You” maintains a steady jive with distorted harmonies that draw you in. With correlations to fellow rising star Jack Berry, they possess a tantalizing tenacity with pure down and dirty delta blues cues.

John The Conqueror are a testament to the deep history of the delta. They are born of the blues, with a few adders in the mix. The trio is soulful to their core, with devious undertones reminiscent of a voodoo child, slight return (credit).

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Get ‘Em
– Mississippi Drinkin’
– Waking Up To You
– Road To Bayport
– Daddy’s Little Girl

The Big Hit

– Get ‘Em

Review by Don Tice

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