JP Blues: Make Room At The Table Review

Since the age of 13, John “JP Blues” Pagano has been touring and keeping active in the blues world. His third release, Make Room At The Table, shows his great passion for the genre over the years, since his first release at the age of 17. The album features guest appearances by Yonrico Scott (Derek Trucks Band, Royal Southern Brotherhood) and Todd Smallie (Derek Trucks band, JJ Grey and Mofro).

The easygoing first track, “Keep On Walking,” opens the album with a very chill and relaxed vibe that is sure to hook many. “Love So Cold,” the Ian Parker song, is a heavier, aching song that stirs emotion in the way all great blues does. “Old Man Joe” is a great track with a Delta blues feel. The title-track, “Make Room At The Table,” is another unmistakably traditional track with a great beat that’s sure to get toes tapping and heads bobbing. “Another Time Another Place” is a longer track at 7:44, and slows things down a bit before advancing toward an epic explosion of sound in the middle of the track, coming back down to earth with a peaceful ending. “Move Aside” is a fun and pushy track with another great beat, and “Good Enough” is a funkier track with horns that keeps things fresh and energetic.  “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” is another longer track with deep bluesy emotion that showcases the singer’s great vocal ability. “Trouble On Heels” picks up the pace again bringing back a fun, high-energy vibe as JP Blues cautions against the danger of a beautiful woman. “We Ain’t Going Nowhere” is a faster, rocking track with a lot of attitude, as is the slightly trippy and gritty closing track, “Day By Day”—a great and powerful punch for the end of a very enjoyable album.

Describing his music as “Thick Blues dripping over the Edge of Rock,” JP Blues has created an album with a little something for all types of music fans. If this third release is any indication, it looks like JP Blues will flourish as a popular and widely appealing blues artist to keep an eye on.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Keep On Walking
– Old Man Joe
– Make Room At The Table
– Move Aside
– Good Enough

The Big Hit

– Make Room At The Table

Review by Eileen Quaranto

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