Dana Fuchs | SubCulture Gig Review | 12.27.13

The air of anticipation swept across the lower east side venue. Through the corridor tagged with historical prints and down the stair, you enter a new time and space, displaced from the world above. The starkly lit seating gave way to the brilliant red curtains that donned the small stage. Strings of lights canvassed each column, as they illuminated the barrel vaulting they sat beneath. The re-purposed space a brilliant new musical venue, a hidden gem just below the surface.

Few take the stage with such poise as Dana Fuchs, a well-seasoned veteran to the game. Accompanied by her partner in crime and multi-instrumentalist Jon Diamond, the duo settled into position. Getting straight down to business, Dana starts off with the title track off her new album, Bliss Avenue. This gives way to a slew off the new set, sure to be new fan favorites. These included “Livin’ On Sunday” and “Long Long Game.”

Dana’s tasteful interludes between songs give her performances that ‘it’ factor, making for a night you won’t soon forget. She has been road tested and seen it all along the way, as one can procure from her anecdotes. At one point Dana makes mention of her shows coming across dark and bleak in nature. Judging by the rocky road she depicts, one could make that connection. But she always brings it back to the light, an air of hope for the calm after the storm. She then leads into a cover song, “Walkin’ In The Sun” by Shaka Kahn. One that she herself isn’t convinced she’s quite mastered. But the song speaks volumes to her and she hopes, her audience as well. The beauty and the power of music resonate in each note. (Liner note: she nailed it)

To finish the set, Dana plays an upbeat track from the new album, “Keep On Walkin’.” As she put it, one of their few “gritty rock ‘n roll” ditties. Jon kills it on harmonica throughout many of the tracks, adding a little something extra to the acoustic set. But Dana doesn’t stop there. The inevitable encore sends the audience off with a truly road tested fan favorite, for which Dana solicited requests. She left on “Longing For A Lifetime,” as the space echoed with all joining in to sing along, the only way to end the night.

– Don Tice

Photo: Joe Cecchini

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