Hard Garden: Blue Yonder Review

Hard Garden makes its debut with the album Blue Yonder. This isn’t your grandpa’s idea of the blues. Blue Yonder mixes many classic aspects of blues rock with a fresh and contemporary feel. Hard Garden is a trio consisting of Son Jack Jr., Garrett Williams, and Michael Wilde.

“I Feel Evil” kicks off Blue Yonder. There is nothing particularly stand out about the track, but the fun hasn’t quite hit yet. “Depot Blues” begins with a lo-fi crackle before rolling into the song. This track mixes a bit of a funky, almost electronic feel with the blues. It’s definitely a unique track.

Blue Yonder brings plenty of different genres to the table. Along with the blues and electronic sounds found throughout the album, “I Can Tello” has a nice little flair of Latin spice. The harmonica solos throughout the song catch your attention more than any other aspect of the song. Some of the best story telling is done on the track “The Valley,” which brings you along on a rollercoaster of a night for a dysfunctional family. This track also shows plenty of vocal diversity.

“Dangerous” has easily the most electronic feel of Blue Yonder. The track is very bass and guitar riff filled.  It is definitely reminiscent of Fat Boy Slim. “Maximum Insecurity” starts out with another killer harmonica solo. Blue Yonder ends with the track “Dangerous.” “Dangerous” is probably the least blues-like track on the album, but it’s easily the most danceable track on the album.

Although the Electronic Blues is a very unique distinct genre, many of the songs on Blue Yonder tend to sound very similar to one another to the point where you aren’t really sure if the song has changed to a new track. It will be interesting to see what Hard Garden plans on doing with their sound. I don’t quite think they perfected their sound, but they’re on the right track for something new and different that could make waves.

The Review: 7/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Depot Blues
– I Can Tello
– The Valley
– Maximum Insecurity
– Dangerous

The Big Hit

– Depot Blues

Review by Alysha Rendflesh

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