Kat Danser: Baptized By The Mud Review

Baptized By The Mud is the fourth album from Kat Danser. Having studied under Mississippi blues legends, Danser has developed a sound that is completely her own.

The first track, “Sun Goes Down,” is a mix of blues and gospel, which is the theme genre throughout the album. She follows this with “Sweet Baybay,” where Danser showcases her perfectly round and low vocals as well as her passion for slide guitar. Although this album definitely has a steady sound, Danser is not afraid to mix it up by sprinkling in a little bit a country vibe to the song “Crazy for You.” The real treasure on this album is the cover of “O’ Mary Don’t You Weep,” which includes an awesome bass solo. Danser mixes it up once again with a New Orleans inspired track titled “Prove It On Me Blues.” Danser ends the album with “You Gotta Move,” a mid tempo track that shows off her vocals.

There’s a truly unique sound found in this album and is definitely worth checking out, especially for those who are ready to hear a voice they’ve never heard before.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

–  Sun Goes Down
–  Sweet Baybay
–  O Mary Don’t You Weep
–  Prove It On Me Blues

The Big Hit

– O’ Mary Don’t You Weep

Review by Liz Lohnes

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