Sandi Thom: Flesh and Blood Review

Sandi Thom says her most recent release is “the first album I’ve done that is really all about me.” That is quite apparent. The lyrical material is very self-influenced. Thom sings about herself and her experiences. But what appears to be narcissism at first glance instead proves to be an intriguing excuse to make an album that is thematically and musically intimate and personal.

Throughout, Thom’s cultivated vocals provide an air of distinguished professionalism and guide the album through her story. Flesh and Blood is a record on a personal journey, and lovingly takes the listener on a road trip of sorts through Thom’s past and present, with hints of where she’d like to be in the future. It’s the kind of stuff fans will be eager to gobble up, while newcomers will no doubt be thankful to be introduced to Thom with a record so simple to grasp but so ready to be grappled with.

To get her point across, Thom interweaves classic blues rock with toned-down, acoustic soft rock throughout Flesh and Blood in expert fashion. Sonic bombshells like the opening track “Help Me” give way to more soulful, anthemic moments on the title track and “The Big Ones Get Away.” The presentation and performance are pitch-perfect and show Thom’s willingness to take the time to produce something soulful but solid. At times the album does feel somewhat unimaginative, and does little to push the envelope of blues rock, but that’s excusable because it delivers on what it is trying to do: Give Thom another run at presenting her music, this time in an undeniably personal way. She definitely makes quite the run with Flesh and Blood.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Flesh and Blood
– Help Me
– I Owe You Zero
– The Big Ones Get Away

The Big Hit

– Help Me

Review by Tyler Quiring

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