Two Ton Heavy Thing: Monticello Grain Review

This Debut album by the three-piece rock band, Two Ton Heavy Thing, can at best be described as a hit and miss album. The ten track record has a hard rock style with elements of grunge; it has some likeable songs and aspects that work well musically but overall it feels underwhelming and the band’s lack of anything striking doesn’t make them stand out from the crowd.

Opening the album, “Rockit Science” is a quick tempo track with speedy riffs and filled with the voice effects of NASA radio. The Singer has a raw, engaging voice and something a little unique to it, however like some of the later tracks the lyrics can be frustratingly simplistic, letting the music down. Having said that “Just Don’t Pay” is one of the best tracks; clearly a track from the band’s experience with clever lyrics like “you better love the music boy, cause it just don’t pay.” The track has a very cool hook riff followed with some impressive soloing. “Courage” is a solid song with nothing outstanding; it’s got good song structure, energetic and effective crying vocals at the beginning of the song. “Monticello Grain” is the second stand out song on the album, clearly a homage to the band’s hometown, the main riff is charming and attractive while carrying a reminiscent tone to it. The second half of the album becomes a bit heavier and has more grunge elements. “Lay My Burden Down,” “Crawl Under The Covers” and “Black Leather And Chrome” are average songs, with a lot on heavy, deep bass, metal like guitar work while following the formula of having softer or slower melodic verses followed by heavy, powerful guitar riffs. They’re good enough tracks but just lack something of significance. “Believers” and “Long Road Home” are quite boring tracks, just too static and simplistic lyrically, even two pretty decent guitar solos were not able to save these songs from their weakness.

This isn’t a bad album overall, in fact it’s a solid debut with signs of potential. But for the moment it seems there’s a lack of flair to the music that leaves an unconvinced feeling.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Just Don’t Pay
– Monticello Grain
– Courage

The Big Hit

– Courage

Review by Josh May

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