The Gypsy Bangles: Peace, Love, Rock ‘n Roll EP Review

Who said that time is linear? After listening to The Gypsy Bangles and their latest EP Peace, Love, Rock ‘n Roll, surely we have ripped a hole in the space time continuum and woken up the 1970’s. In any case, this gruff sounding blues-rock freight train made their existence known following the release of their debut album Women & Whiskey, in 2011. The five new tracks of rock and rawness seem to be an ample reinforcement to that initial recording.

The EP kicks off with “Pay Your Dues,” a standard rock tune with gritty guitar riffs and raspy vocals, a defined style they aim for and achieve. It is clear that The Gypsy Bangles have grown by listening to bands such as The Black Crowes and Free, who must be seen as a mighty idol as the EP includes a cover of “Fire & Water.” It is a note-for-note rendition, which in essence is what the band was after. Their whole rationale is to take a stand against a modern age of endless digitalised music that is manufactured for the masses and revert back to a sound that is true of a musician.

Peace, Love, Rock ‘n Roll has the blues-rock substance that is at the core of this genre, but it still needs to find an edge that would help it standout. In all, the tracks are solid and worthy of any blues-rock fan. Sure enough, an album by The Gypsy Bangles would be well received. Let us just hope no one tries to digitally remaster this band.

The Review: 7/10

The Big Hit

– Pay Your Dues

Review by George Ward

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