Eliza Neals: Badder to the Bone Review

After the success of  Black Crow Moan in 2020, Detroit’s award-winning Blues Rock Artist Eliza Neals is back with Badder to the Bone. Neals, a powerful mezzo-soprano, is not only a singer-songwriter but also a pianist, producer and arranger.

The album Badder to the Bone has 10 tracks. It delivered various themes such as motivation, romance, anti-cheater, and heartbreak.

For songs about motivation, “United We Stand” (track #1) is perfect to fight against all problems, which is fitting during this pandemic. The best line is “Join hands together, let’s fight a good fight.” Because of the positivity of the lyrics, I recommend it to listeners who are fighting depression. It is also perfect for a TV series with a positive outlook on life.

If you’re up for romance, listen to “Queen of the Nile”, “Lockdown Love”,  “King Kong”, “Fueling Me Up”, “Can’t Find My Way Home”, and “Queen of The Nile II”.

The best guitar track goes to “King Kong.” Man, I am so amazed. Everything about this track is a masterpiece. It made me headbang and want to dance when I heard the song. The backing vocals are outstanding too. I love the epic high note at the end. If this was a single review, I’ll rate this 10/10.

The longest and one of the sexiest tracks on the album is “Queen of the Nile” (feat. Lance Lopez & Peter Keys). Eliza’s vocals are so sassy and powerful. It has a longer length because of the guitar solo and backing vocals. What I like about this track is the background effects that gave a smooth listening. Its 2nd version, “Queen of the Nile II,” has an improved bass volume and a shorter length, which I think is better.

I mentioned the pandemic a while ago, so we are going to relate to “Lockdown Love” (feat. Michael Puwal). The main point of the song is how partners still love each other, even during the lockdown. Also, Neals sure is creative with her lyrics. There are funny lines about how we store a lot of food before lockdown and how we gain weight because of it.

“Fueling Me Up”, on the other hand, surprised me with its high and sudden opening line “Fueling me Up!” with backing vocals but without intro instruments. The song is an energy booster because of its lines “Boy you make me hotter and hotter” and the rest is history.

Lastly, the love song “Can’t Find My Way Home” has a lonely theme with no sexuality but has an alternative fast beat part in the outro section. When I first heard this track, It reminded me of “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne. This emotional song could have some violin and piano, but Eliza still focused on the blues rock genre. It really shows that she’s a queen of blues rock.

Now let’s move on to heartbreak songs. The best anti-cheater song goes to “Got a Gun” feat. Billy Davis”. Cheaters, beware!! Your girlfriends have a gun, they will shoot you and the 3rd party. The lyrics and music are so catchy!! The most iconic and badass line is “I got a gun don’t mess with me, I’m gonna use it on you”. It’s perfect for female characters who are being cheated.

The next heartbreak songs are “Bucket of Tears” and “Heathen” but are very different from “Got a Gun”. Eliza Neals showed her emotional side in writing songs. “Bucket of Tears” is so poetic. It shows a deep sadness when a man can’t come home for a girl. The lines hit so hard “Where have you been? I’d cry a bucket of tears for you?”. “Heathen”, on the other hand, is one of my favorites, I absolutely love the piano, sound effects, backing vocals, bass, and everything in this track! It’s mellow and smooth. Eliza still has a powerful voice even on less-rocky songs.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– King Kong
– Got a Gun
– Heathen
– Can’t Find My Way Home

The Big Hit

– King Kong

One thought on “Eliza Neals: Badder to the Bone Review

  • I literally counted down the days till the release of Eliza’s new album “Badder To The Bone” and it was for sure worth the wait! Her powerful voice takes you on a sensational journey through each song. The emotions from ‘Queen of the Nile’ to ‘Buckets of Tears’, to ‘King Kong’, is just incredible!


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