Dana Fuchs: Borrowed Time Review

Women of Blues Rock, and other genres, have similarities like deep-raspy-powerful voices, headbanging tempo on rock songs, etc. However, singer-songwriter-actress Dana Fuchs has special traits that not all artists possess. There is something different and deep about Dana Fuchs that people should know about.

This music is unique and powerful. Borrowed Time has 12 tracks. If you are looking for new headbanging songs, you should indeed listen to “Double Down On Wrong”,  “Save Me”, “Hard Road”, “Not Another Second on You”, “Last to Know”, and “Star”.

The perfect morning energizer track goes to “Save Me”. It has a unique melody and straightforward intro, cool powered bass, and beautiful piano and effects. This track is so perfect, you can use it as your morning ringtone or use it for workout motivation.

Speaking of motivation, the confidence booster song “Star” has this line “…You’re gonna be a star, you better believe that you are..”  It brightens up your mood and keeps you working to reach your dreams. Indulge the guitar solos in 1:52-2:34  and in 4:00-5:28.

If you’re up for tracks with long intro instrumentals, listen to “Double Down On Wrong” & ‘Hard Road”. The first 26 seconds of “Double Down On Wrong” have smooth instrumentals with an anti-cheater theme,  while “Hard Road” has 20 seconds of guitar solo and then a blast of drums and bass come. 

If you’re a bassist, observe the bass authenticity of “Last to Know”. Fell in love with its unique melody like it is speaking to us. Its lyrics have another anti-cheater theme like “Double Down on Wrong”, as well as “Not Another Second on You”.

Expand your poetic knowledge with some solemn and acoustic tracks: “Blue Mist Road”, “Call My Name”, “Curtain Close”, “Borrowed Time”, “Nothing You Own”, “Lonely Lie”. 

Spirit-enlightening songs “Call My Name” and “Borrowed Time” show the goodness of the music and the lyrics just cleaned my heart and made me want to listen to it more. 

“Borrowed Time” reminded me of “Wonder life” by Do As Infinity, a Japanese pop-rock band. Acoustic rock songs are effective to cure depression. There is not much aggression and attitude. There’s a beautiful balance of strength and calmness. 

There’s a friendly warning not to go down the “Blue Mist Road”. Very poetic storytelling, and great atmospheric sounds.

Dana Fuchs is an artist with a mission to express the importance of life. There is always an impact whenever she writes lyrics with life lessons. Dana showcases her relatability with the ups and downs of everyday life with Borrowed Time.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Save Me
– Star
– Last To Know
– Borrowed Time

The Big Hit

– Save Me

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