Terry Quiett Band: One Shot Live Review

There’s something intimate about the blues. But when you hear a three-piece power trio bring unceasing energy to the stage, it takes on a whole new meaning. Imagine the scene – a humble town in southern Kansas at a historical theatre that has breathed a rich and colorful live scene, not to mention gathered more sweat than my palms on a first date.

Without further ado, will you please welcome to the stage, the Terry Quiett Band (TQB). I sense a touch of irony – Quiett with a silent ‘t’. Luckily for me, I can hear their wild brew of driving rockers, soulful clutches, and swampy grooves loud and true.

A staple in the Midwest music scene, this industrious outfit had just come off a five-year hiatus from gig life, following a grueling decade that has seen them go through just about every landform and landscape in Lonely Planet’s USA travel guidebook.

From the windy city of Chicago through to the mountains of Colorado, and deserts of Arizona, if you name it, then frontman (and underrated six-stringer) Quiett, long-time drummer Rodney “Shotgun” Baker and bassist Rev. Aaron Underwood have probably been there and signed the t-shirt.

There’s a distinctive heart and soul to this One Shot Live record. It’s true that we don’t know what we’ve got until we lose it, but thankfully the smiles, attitude, and electrifying sound that structure the TQB’s exciting brand of music has not fallen victim to a disappearing act.

The opening hits of “Don’t Stop” are driven by the man behind the kit, before Quiett explodes with some passionate guitar work. It’s a dynamic opener, and a great introduction to those young and old who are yet to experience a raw, honest blues-rock band. Blues Hall of Famer harpist Hal Mississippi Reed joins in on “Got It Wrong” and his big, brash contribution looms large throughout the show.

“Come The Morning” is a powerful blues stomper that gets the blood flowing, while every member digs deep on “Won’t Get Burned Twice” and “You Can’t Come Back” to inhale their hard-hitting (yet winning) formula. For me though, it’s the integrity and playing straight from the heart that really taps into what makes live blues music unmatched in terms of emotion and integrity.

An album to be enjoyed one shot at a time, Quiett’s impressive guitar chops are punctuated by a rock-solid rhythm section, not to mention Reed’s masterful harp playing. This is a group with real pedigree that understands it’s the character and spirit of their performance (as well as the space in which they’re performing) that really counts.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Don’t Stop
– This Train I’m on
– You Can’t Come Back

The Big Hit

– You Can’t Come Back

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