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Dudley Taft: Cosmic Radio Review

Cosmic Radio is the eighth album by Dudley Taft. Keeping his own traditional style, as shown in previous albums like Simple Life (2019) and Summer Rain (2017), this new album also has powerful and precise guitar riffs and high voltage blues rock songs. Examples include “Left In The Dust” and “Hey Hey Hey”, where Dudley’s guitar and vocals do an impressive job.

On Cosmic Radio, Dudley keeps his hybrid music approach, mixing blues and rock with snippets of metal. He sails over waters more aggressive for the blues and calmer for metal. No boundaries, of course. This metal influence can be heard on “Fly With Me” and “All For One”. “Goin’ Away Baby” is a kind of electric blues with excellent riffs and melodies.

A huge highlight of Cosmic Radio is Ashley Charmae, Dudley’s daughter. Further acting as co-songwriter and lead singer in “Relentless”, she also did backing vocals on many of the songs of the album. Another pleasant surprise is the piano ballad “I Will Always Love You”, which Dudley revealed to write it and include it in the album after seeing himself quarantined with a piano built in the WWII era in his own house.

If two listeners were exposed to the same music, certainly the sensations and feelings experienced by them will be quite different. It’s one of the most fascinating features of the music. In this context, for me, “One In A Billion” and “I’m A Believer” are quite good songs, with mysterious elements that make them more pop than the other songs of the album. On the other hand, the self-titled track and “The Devil” are songs that reveal Dudley’s “dark side”.

For some modern blues rockers, their recent songs and albums are taking a certain distance from the blues standards, and having abandoned those classic shuffles, 12 bars, etc. It’s far beyond just distorting the guitar sounds over the standard blues framework. It’s a real new rhythm and harmony approach, with vocal lines and guitar riffs that put this kind of song in a parallel way of traditional blues rock. Definitely, Dudley is this kind of blues rocker and Cosmic Radio is the album that personifies and consolidates those changes.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Goin’ Away Baby
– Relentless
– Left In The Dust
– I Will Always Love You

The Big Hit

– Goin’ Away Baby

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