Top 10 Buddy Guy Songs

Buddy Guy is a blues rock legend that has influenced every rock and blues guitarist from Keith Richards, Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix to Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page along with countless others. Incredibly, Guy has kept performing into his 80s and continues to release new albums.

Here are the top 10 songs from Buddy Guy’s incredible career.

10. “First Time I Met the Blues”

“First time I Met the Blues” from 1970’s  I Was Walkin’ Through the Woods is a good way to get an early dose of Buddy Guy. It was a hit back in 1960 when it was first released as a 45 rpm single.

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9.  “Sit and Cry the Blues”

“Sit and Cry the Blues” was released two years earlier in 1958 and is one of Buddy Guy’s earliest recordings and was released as a 45 rpm record. It is an indication of why he influenced so many of the great guitar players of the 1960’s.

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8.  “Skin Deep”

“Skin Deep” from 2008’s  release of the same name isn’t a barn burning rocking out guitar driven blues song but rather a passionate plea for racial equality and a color blind approach when it comes to race issues sung in a gospel style. All of which is still timely.

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7.  “Stone Crazy”

1970’s I Was Walkin’ Through the Woods had a number gems on it and “Stone Crazy” was one of them. It’s classic Buddy Guy.

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6.  “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

This is an amazing live performance of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” from 1968’s  A Man and the Blues. The actual performance was in 1969 with Buddy Miles on drums and Jack Bruce on bass.

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5.  “Damn Right I’ve Got the Blues”

In 1991, Buddy Guy released his Damn Right, I’ve Got the Blues album along with the title song. The album included guest appearances by Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler and it was hailed by major music publications as his comeback album after a dry period.

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4.  “Baby Please Don’t Leave Me”

In May 2001, Buddy Guy recorded an album at “Sweet Tea Studios” in Oxford, Mississippi whose name became the album’s title. “Baby Please Don’t Leave Me” is one of the best examples of the fact that Buddy Guy is an amazing blues rock guitarist.

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3.  “Blues Don’t Care”

Gary Clark Jr. is featured with Buddy guy on “Blues Don’t Care” in 2013 for his Rhythm and Blues release on “RCA Records.”

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2.  “My Time After a While”

This is another amazing classic with Buddy Miles on drums and Jack Bruce on bass in 1969.

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1. “Tramp”

Another blues rocking gem off of 2001’s Sweet Tea is “Tramp,” a mesmerizing excursion into the ethereal reaches of the genre.

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Bob Gersztyn

Bob Gersztyn

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