Devon Allman to tour from home

BMG Records recording artist Devon Allman of the Allman Betts Band is going to go “on tour” from his house! Since bands can’t go city to city during these difficult and separated times, Allman will change themes from show to show to keep it unique. “One night will be cover songs, one night originals, one night Q&A live, one night special guests, one night request hour, etc” said Allman. 

Gibson Guitars, Earthworks Audio and Meyer Sound Lab are all getting behind the project. Gibson and Earthworks will be supplying musical gear that will be used as giveaways over the course of the performances.

These performances will be pro-shot on a pro camera rig, not a phone, not a computer set up on the kitchen table, but it will be mixed professionally complete with video intros, outros, fading and transitions on the fly.

Each week Team DA will post a graphic across all “Devon Allman” and “Allman Betts Band” websites listing the upcoming performances and what the theme for each gig will be. With most artists hopping on at random times, Allman wants to have a schedule with shows fans can look forward to and interact with as well. The shows will be LIVE on the Devon Allman Facebook Page and then reposted the next day to all platforms like YouTube, Instagram etc.

There will be a virtual tip jar in place to donate with proceeds going to the Allman Betts Band touring crew to help during the time off of touring.

Man it is going to be fun to go on tour from the house. I really miss the energy of the stage and the interaction with our amazing fans. I really hope this makes our fans feel good during these crazy times and that we can just hang out and have some fun together. I’m going to work hard to keep each show unique. Our Allman Betts Band road crew is unemployed like all road crews out there, we’d like to encourage fans to make a donation that will go straight to them. Gibson has given us some guitars to give away and some other companies like Earthworks Audio and Meyer Sound Labs are stepping to the plate as well…..see y’all soon!

– Devon Allman


Wednesday | Mar 25 @ 7pm Central

Friday | Mar 27 @ 7 pm Central

Sunday | Mar 29 @ 4 pm Central

Pete Francis

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