Mitch Laddie Band: Live In Concert Review

The Mitch Laddie Band brings their live performance into the intimacy of our living rooms on their recent release, Live In Concert. It is hard to capture the energy and x factor that a live show possesses. But Mitch Laddie and crew have done a solid job at that. Their blend of soul, funk and blues offer a tasteful final product. The vocals are chock full of deep passion and soul, accompanied by excellent soloing throughout. The record manages to capture every nuance of sound, while keeping us aware of the crowd in the background.

The album is packed with versatile tracks, shedding light on the well thought out playlist the band chooses to don each night. From funky riffs on “This Time Around” to twangy riffs on the slow and steady instrumental “Mr Johnson Revisited.” “Paper In Your Pocket” features a stellar bass line, allowing its chance to truly shine. The band’s rhythms take a page out of Stevie Ray’s scrapbook, playing off the heavy distortion, with careful progression from slow build vocal features to high flying solos that really bite. “Float On By” shows off the talent Mitch Laddie possesses with his pipes, along with of course lots of soloing.

The live album is a nice treat to show off a band’s raw talent, as well as their chemistry and synchronization. The album highlights some great material and shows off just what the band has to offer.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– This Time Around
– Paper In Your Pocket
– Float On By
– Awakening

The Big Hit

– Float On By

Review by Don Tice

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