John Fries: U.S. 50 Review

John Fries is a singer and songwriter from New York, who has gained a lot of momentum in Boston and Connecticut, both on his own and accompanied by “The Heat,” which is a trio he is a part of. His latest album U.S. 50 has a very bluesy soft rock and roll feel to it, and it’s blended very successfully with his vocals for a smooth sounding album.

U.S. 50 has a very consistent sound for most of the album, laced together with a combination of soulful lyrics and sound. Fries’ personality definitely comes through in this album, as each song has a very personal and real feel about them. Each song has a very nice beat and rhythm about them as well, like “We Can Lie” and “Technicolor.” It’s an album that is very easy to listen to at home while you’re just relaxing or even hustling to try to get the house tidy, each song has a little “pick me up” of a beat. However there are one or two songs that fall a little flat of that energy in the other songs, like “Another Love.” Overall, U.S. 50 is a very easy and enjoyable listen, filled with a voice full of passion and soul.

John Fries’ talent won me over in almost every song, singing with so much heart. Fries is a very talented artist, able to jump from soft rock to blues to funk and even motown, all while still composing a very consistent sound.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Technicolor
– We Can Lie
– Tomorrow
– My Dearest

The Big Hit

– We Can Lie

Review by Victoria Espinoza

Pete Francis

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