Russ Diapper: Kingsnake Review

Kingsnake, the second solo album from Russ Diapper and his band The Runaway Train is an interesting album with some variety; offering a small mix of blues and a lot of heavy rock, bordering on heavy metal tracks. The record is carried competently by Diapper’s growling voice that fits the fast paced fierceness of most songs and includes some very good guitar work.

The first half of the record is somewhat musically unpredictable since it begins with a metal track, “Trust me,” a simple power chords hard rock song with big attitude. Seemingly setting the tone for the record, it then swings to a slowed down love song in “Look The Other Way.” “Bird In The Sky” follows and could probably pass off as a Megadeth track, which is then in turn followed by a twelve bar acoustic bluesy track, “Rock And Blues.” I was on the edge of my seat and wasn’t sure which direction the record would take next. Although “Rock and Blues” is musically solid with an impressive harmonica solo, it’s let down by unimaginative lyrics like rhyming “blues grass” with “ass” and “rap” with “crap.” “Wolf Moon” is the stand out song of the record, a gloomy, melancholic toned track with lyrics about a werewolf. The latter half of the record falls into hard rock territory with few surprises although two songs stand out from the bunch; “Roxy’s Dad,” driven by choppy guitar licks and an impressive solo, and “Doomsday” stands out with its sinister tone and hellish imagery.

Despite the erratic changes musically in the first half of this album it’s on the right side of unpredictable in that it doesn’t become jarring at any point, this is mostly due to the aggressive style and the “I’m a badass” lyrics. It’s a solid record with a lot to like if you’re looking for an album that’s heavy rock laden with an in your face attitude.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Look The Other Way
– Wolf Moon
– Roxy’s Dad
– Son Of A Gun

The Big Hit

– Shotgun

Review by Josh May

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