Black Country Communion: Live Over Europe Review

Black Country Communion release a double album called Live Over Europe on DVD and Blu-ray, featuring the remarkable bassist and vocalist Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple, Joe Bonamassa as guitarist and vocalist, former Dream Theater member Derek Sherinian on keyboards and Jason Bonham from legendary band Led Zeppelin (also son of former Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham). The first disc includes high definition footage and surround sound of 18 tracks played through a variety of cities including Vigevano (Italy), Munich, Hamburg, Berlin (Germany), and venues across the UK. The second disc features a 20-minute video of the making of the album and a series of photo collections.

Recently the album has been released as just two audio CD’s, opening with the epic intro “Revolutions of the Machine,” giving a grand build up for the second track “Black Country” that kicks off with a brilliant bass riff from Glenn Hughes. The rock stars are as old as the music they play, but from what a lot of people can remember they have turned it into a much heavier scale almost boarding heavy metal but humoured out with the integrity of blues; mainly resonated by the talents of Joe Bonamassa on guitar. Joe is certainly capable of boarding it in reverse at times as he allows himself to get carried away with finger tapping and shredding creating a dynamic fusion. It’s obvious to say their fan base has not let them down as each city performed in has received a huge outcome of rock hungry spectators. The amount of energy ignited can easily be said that it’s sparked off from Jason Bonham drum rolls driving the performances into a crowd bouncing, fist pumping, classic rock concert. The darkness in the music undoubtedly comes from Dererk Sherinian, (being in Dream Theater is not hard to believe). Holding a dread of notes on keys gives a backdrop of seriousness in the music, though when taking the spotlight and performing his solos, a transition of relief arises as it molds back into the roots of soulful blues and melodic rock.

The double album was a good way for the band to prove what they can deliver on stage and show off their respectful feedback from the crowds. Working with producer Kevin Shirley is a definite high level of musicianship and originality as Shirley’s standards goes back to bands such as Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Metallica and many more iconic bands. Tracks such as “Man in the Middle” and “The Outsider” are a good example of heavy rock blues that helps sell out their concerts at small or large venues. All in all, it seems that going to a Black Country Communion concert is a good activity, whether it’s to hang in the back and nod from a distance or jump around at the front and let the music take you away. It’s hard to believe you would want to be doing anything else with your day. The band is ready to start recording their 3rd album later this year.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Black Country
– The Outsider
– One Last Soul

The Big Hit

– The Outsider

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Review by George Podaras

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