Peter Karp: Magnificant Heart Review

Magnificent Heart Peter Karp’s tenth new album was released on May 8th on Rose Cottage Records. This album features twelve tracks of Karp’s soulful voice and mature stylistic mix of traditional blues, Americana, gospel and rock influenced by the British invasion of the ’60s.

Bluhauz releases “Give It Back” video

Following the release of his first single, “Purify My Soul,” Miami based guitarist Bluhauz has released a music video for his second single, “Give It Back.” The track will be featured on Bluhauz’s debut album, which is expected to be released this year.

Eliza Neals: Black Crow Moan Review

Albums are like little ecosystems; one seemingly small change can completely alter the environment. That unpredictability is what makes an album exciting. The wild chemistry between Neals and guitarist Joe Louis Walker is what makes her Black Crow Moan such a thriving, thrilling biosphere of an album.

Samantha Fish releases “Dream Girl” video

Guitarist Samantha Fish has released a new music video for “Dream Girl.” The track is featured on Fish’s latest album, Kill or Be Kind.

“Dream Girl is about trying to be something you’re not. Someone else’s ideal or fantasy,” says Fish. “The video has ‘real-life Samantha’ looking for answers and inspiration. The heroine in the story might have all the pieces of what she’s looking to be, but she is still wandering through a fairy tale. There are no happy endings when you are trying to measure up for someone else. If you don’t own who you are, you’ll still end up lost in the woods.”

Alastair Greene releases “Rain Stomp” video

Blues rock guitarist Alastair Greene has released a music video for “Rain Stomp.” The track is featured on Greene’s Live From the 805 album.

Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp release “Isolation” music video

Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp have released a music video for their new single, “Isolation,” which is a John Lennon cover.

The Claudettes: High Times in the Dark Review

A pretty voice and lots of piano don’t seem like a natural combination for blues-inspired rock and roll but The Claudettes rock hard using both on High Times in the Dark.

Vintage Trouble Interview: Ty Taylor

Blues Rock Review chats with Vintage Trouble frontman Ty Taylor about the band’s single “Outside-In,” which shines a light on mental health during isolation, plus what Taylor has learned after 10 years with Vintage Trouble, the biggest challenge the band has faced, and more.

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