Top 10 Greta Van Fleet Songs

Greta Van Fleet has quickly become one of the most popular rock and roll bands in the world. The band has released two EPs, Black Smoke Rising and From The Fires, and one LP, Anthem Of The Peaceful Army. Here are Greta Van Fleet’s top 10 songs to date.

10. “Watching Over”

“Watching Over” is a psychedelic jam track featuring some great guitar work. It was one of the first tracks available from Anthem of the Peaceful Army.

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9. “Edge of Darkness”

“Edge of Darkness” appears on From The Fires and is an appropriate title as the track definitely has a bit of a darker feel than other tracks from Greta Van Fleet. A strong ’70s rocker.

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8. “Lover, Leaver”

“Lover, Leaver” (Taker, Believer ) is a track Greta Van Fleet had been performing live for a while before it finally appeared on Anthem of the Peaceful Army, a definite album highlight.

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7. “Age of Man”

“Age Of Man” might be the most “epic” track from Anthem of the Peaceful Army. The song clocks in at just over six minutes and is like taking a time machine back to the 1970s.

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6. “Anthem”

“Anthem” is the title track from Anthem of the Peaceful Army and is about putting aside differences and uniting through the power of music.

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5. “You’re The One”

“You’re The One” appears on Anthem of the Peaceful Army and was released as a single. It’s not a hard rocker, but a more mellow acoustic track with a sing along chorus.

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4. “When The Curtain Falls”

“When The Curtain Falls” was the first single Greta Van Fleet released for Anthem of the Peaceful Army and proved to be a big hit for the band.

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3. “Safari Song”

“Safari Song” was featured on the Black Smoke Rising EP and was the lead track on From The Fires. It’s an upbeat rocker with lead singer Josh Kiszka channeling his inner Robert Plant.

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2. “Black Smoke Rising”

“Black Smoke Rising” is the title track from Greta Van Fleet’s first EP. It’s incredible how much buzz the band was able to generate with four tracks and “Black Smoke Rising” is a fan favorite sing a long track at live shows.

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1. “Highway Tune”

“Highway Tune” is the track that really kick started the buzz around Greta Van Fleet. The single was released as a music video, which was extremely successful. Whether you like that it sounds like Led Zeppelin or you don’t, “Highway Tune” got people talking about Greta Van Fleet and helped propel the band to stardom.

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4 Responses to “Top 10 Greta Van Fleet Songs”

  1. John says:

    Wait. This group has had 2 EPs and 1 album so far and you all are picking their 10 best songs? Isn’t this a bit premature… Why don’t you just say, if GVF had one decent album, these are the songs we would choose to be on it? I still find this group to be heavily over-rated and the young singer would be better served if he kept his mouth shut and just ran his finger nails across a blackboard… maybe once they have put out several more albums, it might be ok to pick their top 10, but right now, in my opinion, you’re just picking their least worse songs.

    • Sergio Dueñas says:


    • Bobbie says:

      I’m an old rocker that was lucky enough to have seen the rockers of old in concert. And I am thrilled about GVF! The talent of the entire band blows me away! I especially love Josh’s voice & vocal range. I doubt you sing or play an instrument. If I’m right you shouldn’t even comment on ANY band! Rock on GRETA VAN FLEET!

    • Bobbie says:

      P.S.-The Grammys agreed with me!

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