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On Wednesday, December 19, Blues Rock Review will reveal the Top 20 Albums of 2018! Place your votes for your favorite studio albums from 2018 and count for 50% of the vote! The remaining 50% will be voted on by the staff of Blues Rock Review. Tuesday, December 18 is the deadline to vote to help determine the year’s number 1 blues rock album!


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58 Responses to “Vote for the Top 20 Albums of 2018!”

  1. Wojciech Wojtowicz says:

    no comments

  2. Brendan Kelly says:

    Arbor Creek’s self titled debut album is a throwback to the blues rock of the 70s classic rock and will bring to mind acts like the Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and other titans of the era.

  3. Gary says:

    Dan Patlansky Perfection Kills is my favorite blues rock release of 2018.
    Larkin Poe–Venom and Faith, Bad Touch–Shake a Leg and The Sheepdogs–Changing Colours are all excellent too.

    There are many other albums that deserve mention and recognition–most of which are on your list, but I guess they can’t all “win”.

  4. Ryan Swanich says:

    Dan Patlansky for the win!

  5. Joe kolnick says:

    Love Anthony Gomes, Peace Love and Loud Guitars is an amazing album!!!!

  6. Karla Millsap says:

    Anthony Gomes has a strong, satisfying album! It makes the blues come alive… he’s got my vote!!

  7. Jan Arrigo says:

    Peace, Love & Loud Guitars by Anthony Gomes for the win!

  8. David Miller says:

    Great Guitarist, Great Voice, Great Blues!!!

  9. Tina says:

    YAY, Anthony! You’ve GOT this! =]

  10. Sharon Siebert says:

    The first time I saw and heard Anthony, I was hooked! I’ve seen him perform 5 times now, and the new album is fantastic! PLLG

  11. Natalie says:

    Anthony Gomes is AWESOME!!! I have seen him a couple times at Red Key Palace in Indiana. It’s not a large venue but he rocks a full house and we love him and Peace Love and Loud Guitars. Rock on Anthony!

  12. Don Schuhardt says:

    Anthony Gomes is an amazing artist and a beautiful human being. Love you brother!

  13. Nick says:

    Redemption-Joe Bonamassa; followed up by Dan Patlansky-Perfection Kills!

  14. Linda Corrente says:

    Forwarding to everyone who will want to GET OUT THE VOTE 😎 for Peace Live and Loud Guitars ❗️

  15. natalie Neal says:

    Way to go Anthony!

  16. Janet Mayer says:

    Anthony is fantasia. …puts his heart and soul in every note..

  17. Nancy Martin says:

    Anthony Gomes has kept us entertained for many a show over many years! Very deserving of the attention of Blues Rock Review and the top 20 Blues Album 2018. Peace, Love & Loud Guitars to all!

  18. Michael Long says:

    Check out Jonathon Long his self titled album awesome

  19. Michael Chatman says:

    Anthony Gomes,Sean Holland, and Jeremy Howard are a musical explosion! The way they “rock” the “blues” is combustible!

  20. Gilbert Ramirez says:

    I’m a big fan of Anthony Gomes I love his new Album Peace,Love and Loud Guitars And I also like the way he presented himself on stage he put’s on one heck of show he keeps the House Rock’n with that I Vote for Anthony Gomes .

  21. Larry says:

    Peace Love and Loud Guitars is more than album of the year. It should be greatest album of all time. Anthony Gomes is an amazing artist. Anthony is the very best singer Gerry song Ritter of all time.

  22. Mike Knoll says:

    I’ve seen Anthony Gomes three times and they were all great shows. He is a very talented artist and he is being noticed. Keep on rockin Anthony!!!

  23. Dan McAuley says:

    most music is multi-genre anymore….Sean Chambers IS PRETTY TRUE TO THE BLUES—AND HE IS a total package—great guitarist with drive and fire(as so many on the list are also), always professional and puts on really good live shows, sure has paid his dues and tours relentlessly….and I like him as a person(so many ‘stars’ are so full of themselves or too busy….) JUST ATTEND ONE LIVE SHOW!!!!

  24. Dale McGee says:

    Sean Chambers “Welcome To My Blues” is a culmination of all his skills: Great slide guitar, precise leads, and poignant lyrics coming from an experienced musician who knows how to entertain his audience. Check him out!

  25. Josh says:

    Check out Jonathon Long, great guitarist, and song writer.

  26. Barry White says:

    Great artist. Not well known…yet. great writer great guitar player great voice

  27. Aaron Millsap says:

    All worthy nominations but Anthony Gomes’ album is the tits.

  28. Rhonda Whitlow says:

    Anthony Gomes is the ORIGINAL BLUES CHILD! I ran across his music on a and show that I was working on and one of his songs was played. I contacted my DJ and wanted to find out who he was. Our radio show was based out of Canada and I’m in Vegas. So I found out all I could on Anthony and being a Promoter HERE, I feel in love with the style, and the fact that he can play ANY guitar, including the “FLYING V”. That graspy, bluesy voice and the PASSION when he plays, got me hooked. I was able to get in touch with Anthony and was sent a CD, to this day- That CD is still in my car, I turn it up, tune it up loud, and I’m a BLUES CHILD is one of MANY of my favorites. I love his new CD and he will be hitting Vegas February 7th at Boulder Station Casino, This is my Birthday month and I will NOT miss this show. I got to get his latest CD also. I promote and push his music all the time and people are shocked at his talent. I look forward to this show and most especially hope that all these votes and comments help. Because he deserves this and needs to win, yea I know Buddy Guy is in the running lineup, but let a New,FRESH Talent win. Here goes my vote right now. Best wishes and KEEP ROCKIN THE BLUES CHILD.
    Rhonda Whitlow
    Las Vegas

  29. Bruce W Smith says:

    Eric Steckel’s Polyphonic Prayer is one of the best CD in any genre that i bought this year. If I bought only 3 CDs that would be no complement, but I buy close to 60 a year. I have played this CD more than any of the others i bought times 10. Excellent CD.

  30. Jim Shoffner says:

    I can honestly say that i have heard most of these records and from start to finish, honestly nothing compares to Polyphonic Prayer. Please take a listen before you vote. Thank me later

  31. Jim Shoffner says:

    I can honestly say that i have heard most of these records and from start to finish, nothing compares to Polyphonic Prayer. Please take a listen before you vote. Thank me later

    • alexandre says:

      Dear Jim, thank you for bringing this fabulous record to my attention!

      Amazing musicianship, one of my all time favourites starting now!

      Cheers from Brazil!

  32. Jack leone says:

    Sean Chambers is a badass guitarist, all his albums kick-ass, seen him preform a few times…. Loved it…

  33. Gary says:

    My choice is Redemption by Joe Bonamassa
    A lot of love on here for Anthony Gomes.Definately in my top ten.
    Also love Sari Schoor Never Say Never

  34. Dave says:

    Arbor Creek is a monster! They make your soul dance like there is no tomorrow!

  35. Sandra Csillag says:

    Without any doubt- Ben Poole: Anytime you need me!!!!

  36. Federica Franchi says:

    Dany franchi band is fsntastic !!!! Listen to them !

  37. Smokey Dawson says:

    Matty T Walls eclectic combination of rock and soulful blues had added another dimension to the Blues scene in Australia… I can’t get enough of his new sidewinder album with Rick Whittle pounding out his skills on the drums.
    Definitely got my vote.

  38. tlscrew says:

    Matty T Wall – Sidewinder ABSOLUTELY SLAYS!! nothing on this list can touch it.

  39. Connie says:

    There’s some really good albums here. Best one I’ve listened to is Sidewinder by Matty Wall. Best version of “Change Is Gonna Come” I’ve ever heard.

  40. Belinda says:

    Matty T Wall for the win all the way from Australia.

  41. Katie says:

    Another vote for Matty!!

  42. Tom Mix says:

    Hands Down Sari Schorr’s “Never Say Never” is one of the best blues rock albums that I’ve heard in years and years..!! Every single song is epic musically and vocally. I’ve not wanted to skip a single song and have listened through the album many, many times. She has been a hidden jewel, that now has been brought out for the world to see and hear, and her future will only grow brighter and brighter from here on out..!! If you haven’t listened to the album do yourself a favor and listen to it in its entirety.
    Smash, heartfelt vocals that will remind you of days long gone, and musically perfect. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good about Grammy possibilities for an artist. Rock On Sari..!!!

  43. Joker69 says:

    Just voted in the best rock blues album torn between two albums which imho are both worth a vote. Sori and Marcus King so I voted for both

  44. Frede Hansen says:

    I was to a koncert with Dana Fucks in Kolding in Denmark. Just when her new album, Love lives on, was releaset. I think it is the best album in 2018.
    Thanks to Dana Fuchs and her band.

  45. Savi says:

    Matty T Wall kicks ass, freakin epic album Sidewinder, he does the best cover versions – listen to Going Down!!! DAMN!!

  46. Mark Missen says:

    There are some belters here (and a few I haven’t heard) but love the Eric Steckel and Larkin Poe offerings but Matty T Wall’s “Sidewinder” is an absolute firecracker – gunslinger blues/rock at it’s finest with a couple of very tidy covers.

  47. Geoff Taylor says:

    Love Larkin Poe’s Venom & Faith. Amazing voice and some great guitar playing. Just a bit different and one I play a lot, so gets my vote. I also like Anthony Gomes, Lance Lopez and Eric Steckel. A lot to choose from.

  48. JOHN says:

    A really very, very good album for 2018 is not on the list, but check it out to see I’m correct: James Houston and the Blues Cowboys….

  49. JOHN says:

    OOPs, I meant James House and the Blues Cowboys… Check it out!

  50. Steve says:

    Plenty of good stuff on this list. I’m not keen on GVF though. Matty T Wall is seriously underrated though, he’s put out 2 incredible albums, he’s got my vote for sure. I think the last one was done by Bob Clearmountain too, epic sounds.

  51. Deborah Ferella says:

    Anthony Gomes is the bomb ☮🖤🔊🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸#peaceloveandloudguitars

  52. Ron Gauthier says:

    Anthony Gomes PL&LG is what blues rock is all about!!

  53. Jane Stebbins-Skowron says:


  54. Jeri McCullough says:

    Anthony Gomes is on fire, his show is Phenomenal. We planned our trip to Florida around his tour and caught up with him and the boys ( Seah and Jeremy) in Boca Raton at the Funky Biscuit. We had brought a friend of ours, that we were staying with to the show who thought we were fanatic fans and couldn’t understand why we had seemed obsessed with his music until he had the opportunity to meet Anthony and hear his music and experience his show for himself. My friend Chris had toured with REO Speedwagon back in the day and Anthony’s performance actually brought tears to his eyes. The show was fantastic, better than we had ever experienced before. Coming from Chicago we had really expected the weather to be better but the show nade up for the rain and the cold weather. It was the show that was really hot, and made up for the weather. When you see a master of his music like Anthony all I can say is he’s got ‘IT’. When people ask what is ‘IT’, I just say, when the music can bring tears to your eyes and makes you feel like he can, he’s got ‘IT’.

  55. Paul says:

    The recent releases don’t get a fair chance in this vote & one in particular is Heavy Hearted by Ryan McGarvey. I think once the listeners hear the new release (Nov. 27th) by Ryan McGarvey, they’ll know who the # 1 album should have been.

  56. Maryana Cumpian says:

    Another vote for Jonathon Long! He is an amazing guitarist and song writer!

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