Artists Similar To Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of the most influential blues rock artists of all-time. He’s inspired countless guitar players and continues to do so years after his death. If you’re an SRV fan here are some similar artists worth checking out.

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6 Responses to “Artists Similar To Stevie Ray Vaughan”

  1. Jacques says:

    I would said that after the very sad lost of SRV in 1990, the 1st artist who took over the legacy of SRV was Chris Duarte. Chris Duarte was born in San Antonio TX near Austin TX. In 1979, Chris moved in Austin and SRV was is number ONE idol. His album “Texas Sugar/Strat Magik (1994)” is a MUST for any SRV fans style.
    Album Link:–v

  2. Gary says:

    I would agree as Duarte was the first one that came to mind
    Albert Cummings has some SRV in some of his works too

  3. Jim Bohnen says:

    Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Period.

  4. Gerry Diaz says:

    Dirty Dave Osti, jay jesse Johnson, guitar pete are a few that come to mind when talking about stevie !

  5. Cindy Reynolds says:

    Kelly Richey….female reincarnate of SRV!!!! Bernard Allison….close your eyes and you would think it was Stevie!!

  6. Alan Jackman says:

    Maybe I’m biased because I’m a fan of SRV, but I haven’t heard anyone sound like him. Yes, Duarte is somewhat reminding you of that texas blues. But I think just sounding like texas blues doesn’t really make you sound just as SRV. The primary reason why Stevie was so popular is because he was on of a kind, unique. You can replicate one of his licks, maybe two or three. But just like with Jimmy Hendrix, you probably won’t ever play with that feel and expression that they played with. That’s just my opinion.

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