Joe Bonamassa announces summer tour

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – Joe Bonamassa, the two-time GRAMMY-nominated blues rock guitar icon announces a new US tour for summer 2018. As the #1 blues selling artist in the world with a record-breaking 19 #1 Billboard albums to his name, Bonamassa has chosen to make this tour his greatest undertaking yet. Known for successfully tackling blues tributes to the likes of Albert King, BB King, Freddie King, Muddy Waters, and Howlin’ Wolf, he has ambitiously decided to make this tour a tribute to classic country music.

This limited run of summer shows will honor the writings of the original country music legends Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, George Jones, and Hank Williams. Bonamassa will put his own signature blues rock spin on these timeless country classics. The tour kicks off in San Diego at Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay, and then to Vina Robles Amphitheatre, San Jose’s Center for Performing Arts, LA’s Greek Theatre, Eccles Theatre, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and an extended stay at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. The Ryman shows are also set to be filmed for release at a later date.

Bonamassa’s band is filled with award-winning musicians, includingAustralian Country Star Troy Cassar-DalyMichael Rhodes(Academy of Country Music’s 2016 Bass Player), Reese Wynans (Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame inductee and member of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Double Trouble), Anton Fig (esteemed drummer of David Letterman’s House Band) and Mahalia Barnes (celebrated Australian rock singer and daughter of Jimmy Barnes).

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7 Responses to “Joe Bonamassa announces summer tour”

  1. Jim Aladits says:

    I wish I had read this concert announcement before going to the San Diego show. I just returned home from the show as a matter of fact. Joe’s guitar playing was phenomenal, as usual. We’ve come to expect no less! His all star band, which included a rock n roll Hall of Fame keyboardist and a couple of country music icons, were also phenomenal. Musically, this group nailed every song they played and Joe’s voice was spot on. So what could go wrong? The genre of choice, that’s what went wrong. When I saw Joe was coming to SD I jumped at the chance to get a couple of tickets. Nowhere in the show’s advertisement did it mention anything about country music. Even on the ticket itself it only read “The Guitar Event of the Year.”

    Now, I’m not much of a country music fan and to be frank, as good as the music was, I was disheartened to find out that it was a country show. In fact, Joe didn’t address the audience until about forty five minutes into his set. It was at that time he announced that this show was the first of eleven in which he would play country classics. Of course, I knew something was awry during the first forty five minutes when all he played was country music!

    Since I had the tickets, and my wife as my escort, I decided to stay as long as I could. Linda and I watched a few people leave their seats, never to return. After Joe announced this was a country concert many more people left their seats, never to return. About 90 minutes into the show I knew Joe wasn’t going to veer from his country theme. As a die hard blues fan I was hoping for the best. I leaned over to my beautiful wife and asked if she was ready to go. She replied, “I was ready an hour ago!” She’s not much of a country fan either. We politely waited until the band was done with the song and we quickly made our exit, but not before stopping at the merchandise booth to buy $100 worth of swag! After all, it IS Joe Bonamassa!

    I’m sure Joe will snap out of his fantasy of being a country star. When he does I’ll bring my wife back to see Joe do what he’s famous for, blues!

    • Virginia says:

      We were at that show as well… probably one of the ones you watched leave… terribly disappointed. And again no advance warning of this anywhere!!

      • Lori Jones says:

        I was there too.I have seen Joe no less than 5 times..brought friends to hear this legendary guitarist..I felt a “bait and switch” trick with loyal fans willing to pay the most expensive ticket of the summer. Come on Joe, the ticket should have stated it was a tribute to County. What a disappointment.

  2. cindy says:

    Last night was my 4th time seeing the “Guitar God”… I was so disappointed!!! I heard the first song while entering the event and thought it was a opening act, until I saw Joe on stage in a rhinestone jacket!!!??????

    I had a friend with me seeing him for the first time.. I was so bummed that this was his first impression of the man I’ve been bragging about. If I wanted to go to a country concert, I’d go see Blake Shelton and wear my cowboy boots. I had NO idea The Great Blues and Rock Sensation was going to be singing Willie Nelson songs????!!!!!

    I had rows of people around me complaining and leaving. However, Joe had a great encore where I was able to see and hear his Blues and Rock songs.. just not enough of them, unfortunately.

    Joe Bonamassa… Stay with what you do best!! Love you, but was way disappointed..

  3. Country Joe says:

    I agree! They are going to shoot video for the three shows in Nashville?

    Why do I suspect this was Caveman (don’t call me Shirley) and Michael Rhodes idea? Kevin and Michael – you’re fired!

    Why doesn’t Joe ever play with a Blues harmonica player like for the Muddy Wolf @
    Red Rocks?

    Bring down the F’n ticket prices, too!

    I will wait until after we see the show in San Jo to rage (I mean comment). Center for Performing Arts in San Jo, CA is not sold out.

  4. Gr8ful Fred says:

    Joe Bonamassa
    July 30, 2018
    Center for the Performing Arts, San Jo, CA

    Joe pro show concert pix, review, and set list.

  5. Jim Aladits says:

    In reading the review of Joe’s San Jose show, I’m really, really bummed. Just three days prior I saw Joe in San Diego, the first of his eleven show country classics tour. I walked out, as did many others, because we didn’t expect to hear country music. Now I’m reading that only three days later in San Jose Joe strayed from his country theme and went back to the powerhouse blues he’s known for.

    Do I feel like a guinea pig? Yes!
    Did my initial review, as well as the others who commented, play a part in Joe rethinking his set list? Maybe.

    The lesson learned, as in anything that costs a lot of money, is to do your research and find out exactly what your buying. You never know, Joe may decide to have Lil Wayne front the band for a tour! (Nothing against Lil Wayne. The music genre he represents is not my cup of tea.)

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