Delta Deep: Delta Deep Review

The self-titled album from Delta Deep is bringing the blues back to the forefront of rock music, reminding audiences why it should not be overshadowed. Formed in 2012, the quartet consists of Phil Collen on guitar and vocals, Debbi Blackwell-Cook on vocals, Forrest Robinson on drums and Robert DeLeo on bass. Collen’s guitar presence paired with Debbi Blackwell-Cook’s vocals is unmistakable magic throughout the album. Duets are scattered through the track list and feature artists such as David Coverdale of Whitesnake and Deep Purple and Joe Elliot, former band mate of Collen in Def Leppard. Both Coverdale and Elliot provide vocals for songs that are Delta Deep’s take on a classic rock track, giving it a new sound.

The album takes advantage of a traditional blues vibe, with the majority of the album exhibiting slower, more romantic ballads. Songs like “Private Number (ft. David Coverdale),” “Whiskey,” and “Treat Her Like Candy” cut to the core and go straight for the emotion in the room. Lyrically, these tracks are not complex, but they do not need to be. The talent of each musician individually shines through and gives the sense that lyrics more complex would take away from the sincerity and raw nature of Delta Deep’s blues music.

In addition to these blues ballads, more upbeat songs like “Mistreated (ft. Joe Elliot)” and “Down in the Delta” exhibit a more classic rock n’ roll feel and really showcase Collen’s guitar playing. Even so, the raspy but robust and soulful vocals keep the strong blues feel throughout the album.

The four musicians of Delta Deep come together from their various rock backgrounds to form a sound that honors and acknowledges those roots while also forming something new for listeners to be excited about. Delta Deep’s unique blues rock sound is an undeniable hit.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Private Number (ft. David Coverdale)
– Treat Her Like Candy
– Mistreated (ft. Joe Elliot)
– Miss Me
– Down in the Delta

The Big Hit

– Down in the Delta

Review by Keri McAlpine

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