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Matt Andersen is a new-to-the-scene Canadian Blues and Roots artist. His US Debut, Weightless, is now available via True North Records. Helping Andersen out with his endeavors in creating Weightless, he enlisted the help of many other talented producers and artists to create an album that is smooth as velvet. Weightless is produced by Steve Berlin and Paul Rigby (guitarist for indie rock darling Neko Case) accompanies Andersen on guitar. The combined efforts of the three aforementioned gentlemen create an album that is quite an impressive debut.

Weightless kicks off with the breezy “I Lost My Way.” This track is a typical blues track including a choir during parts of the song to help highlight Matt’s velvety voice. It’s no wonder the album is titled Weightless. The smooth grooves and tone is continued right into “My Last Day.” The third track of the album, “So Easy,” begins with a rather beautiful guitar intro. The soft tone of the song is well suited for Andersen’s raspy voice. He croons through the song quite easily. He brings emotion to the song that many singers wish they could bring to the table.

The titled track has an uplifting and inspiring message. The brass section and guitar make sure you know this song is meant to inspire you. “Let’s Go To Bed” is a classic love song, showing support and comfort between two lovers. Andersen’s strengths lie in songs where he can truly belt it out. “Let’s Go To Bed” is one of those tracks. The instrumentals in this song compliment Andersen’s voice well. His voice is the clear focus, but is strengthened immensely by the work of his accompanying musicians. In “The Fight,” Rigby demonstrates quality guitar work. The song has a Petty-esque feel to it.

“Let You Down” is arguably the strongest track on Weightless. The breezy tone returns and Andersen is accompanied once again by the gorgeous female vocals seen earlier in the album. This song can fit well in a blues club on stage or while posted up on a beach on a summers day with a drink in hand. “City of Dreams” packs a southern rock punch that literally rolls in with some of the strongest drum work of the album.

Things slow down substantially and hit heavy with “Between The Lines.” This song has the heavy blues feel that many listeners crave. Rigby kills all things guitar with this song and Andersen’s voice returns to the velvet that we learned to love early in the album. Ending Weightless with a bang, Andersen sends us off with “What Will You Leave,” a fitting song for an album ending track. It makes the listener think what will they leave? Hopefully for Anderson’s case, the listener isn’t truly leaving and returns to the album time and time again.

Weightless has many elements of blues, folk, and a slight country twang that makes it an extremely well rounded Americana album. Weightless can definitely appeal to fans of many different genres. Weightless makes for a tremendous album. Since Andersen has the opportunity to lure in fans of many genres, he brings too much to the table to pass up.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– I Lost My Way
– So Easy
– The Fight
– Between The Lines
– Let You Down

The Big Hit

– Let You Down

Review by Alysha Rendflesh

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  1. Joe Sasso says:

    The reviewer should consider doing some basic research before writing a review about such a great artist. For one, Matt isn’t new to the Blues/Roots scene as he’s been releasing music for over ten years. On top of that, he won the International Blues Competition in 2010 and also has won many Maple Blues Awards in his native Canada; why isn’t this mentioned? Can’t say I’m surprised that such a great record only received a “7.5”; I bet it was barely listened to.

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