The Nimmo Brothers: Brother To Brother Review

Brother To Brother is the latest release from The Nimmo Brothers. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, The Nimmo Brothers have been around the blues rock scene for over 15 years. Their chemistry and experience show through in spades on Brother To Brother.

The album opens with a rocker, “Still Here Strumming,” and right away you know you’re in for something great. Brother To Brother continues to rock right on into “Lady Luck,” which features great vocals and soloing in what is a definite album highlight. The vocals are fantastic throughout with phrasing at times reminiscent of greats like Paul Rodgers and Warren Haynes. Haynes seems to be an influence on The Nimmo Brothers as “Never Walk On Me” features a riff that would fit great on a Gov’t Mule album. It’s also obvious Free is a major influence on the band as Brother To Brother even includes a cover of “Wishing Well.” It’s nice to hear a modern recording of a 40-year-old song.

Having been around as long as The Nimmo Brothers have it’s a bit puzzling why they aren’t more well known. Brother To Brother has it all with great hooks, incredible playing, and most importantly, great songs. It is an impressive release that can not only be appreciated by blues rock fans, but a wider audience as well.  The Nimmo Brothers have proven they are one of top blues rock acts today.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Still Here Strumming
– Lady Luck
– Coming Around Again
– For You
– King And Country

The Big Hit

– Lady Luck

Review by Pete Francis

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  1. grahame wilkinson says:

    I sort of stumbled upon this band by accident. My brother bought me an I-pod classic and it was when I was perusing I-tunes I found them. How I wish I had discovered them earlier, they are fantastic and I now own all their albums. They seem to cover blues, rock and even what sounds like heavy country. Being an exiled Glaswegian who grew up on blues rock played live in the pubs, I could listen to these guys all day

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