Elles Bailey announces “Beneath the Neon Glow”

Award-winning UK based genre-blending roots singer songwriter Elles Bailey returns with her stunning new album Beneath The Neon Glow. The album, Elles’ fourth studio album, comes out August 9th on Cooking Vinyl Records. 

The first taste of Beneath The Neon Glow comes in the shape of album opener ‘Enjoy The Ride’. The last song written for the album, ‘Enjoy The Ride’ perfectly bottles road movie energy and blue skies positivity with an autobiographical lyric that Elles has lived and breathed. “Very early on in my career a friend told me that this musical path I had chosen doesn’t have a destination, it’s a journey, a very tough journey and it’s so important to enjoy the journey,” Elles said of the track. “I have based my whole career on this motto and ‘Enjoy the Ride’ is my autobiographical tribute to the journey I have taken. It’s not always easy, in fact most of the time it’s incredibly challenging, but I love it!”

Beneath The Neon Glow sees Elles intertwine British roots, Americana and blues across ten powerfully, uplifting tracks. Produced by Dan Weller (Enter Shikari) and recorded with Elles’ exceptional and trusted live band, the album is an exploration of love’s myriad forms. Through lyrically vulnerable and brutally honest songwriting, Elles delves into the depths of heartbreak, the resilience of friendship, and the enduring power of love that spans a lifetime. From the fleeting moments to the love that withstands the test of time, she fearlessly navigates through the spectrum of human emotion, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into her journey.
“This album broke me apart and made me whole all at the same time and It’s been a real journey of discovery both melodically, lyrically, musically and personally with some of the songs written through some really dark moments and others during the highest of highs,” Elles said of Beneath The Neon Glow. “It’s definitely been the hardest, but most rewarding record I have made to date… I’m not gonna lie, trying to find the creative headspace to write a record, and then being present during the mixing process when you have a toddler and you’re trying to be the best parent you can be, is definitely a struggle, but it’s been worth it.”
With a top 50 album, achieved independently, an ever growing and adoring fanbase, as well as countless awards and a weekly radio show on Planet Rock already under her belt, Elles is ready to take things to the next step and there’s no better album for her to take that journey with. 
“I might be new to some people, but I have been around for quite a long while. I’m not here for a flash-in-the-pan moment. I want a long-term career in music. I love what I do. I love that I get to take it around the world. So if I can continue to do that, and just play to larger audiences and continue to grow, that’s exactly what I’ll do.”


Enjoy The Ride
Ballad of a Broken Dream
Leave The Light On 
Silhouette In a Sunset 
Truth Ain’t Gonna Save Us
If This Is Love
Let It Burn
Love Yourself
Turn off The News

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