Walter Trout and Beth Hart join forces on new single

Walter Trout and Beth Hart have teamed up for a new single titled “Broken.” It’s the title track from Walter Trout’s upcoming album, Broken, out March 1st.

“I thought my friend Beth Hart could relate to the title track, Broken,” Trout said about the collaboration. “With that song, I was looking at the world – especially what’s going on in the United States – but also thinking about my recovery from the things that happened to me. I had the first verse – ‘Pieces of me seem to break away/I lose a little more every day’. But it was almost too much for me to go back into that shit. So my wife, Marie, was able to help me with the lyrics – and she nailed it. The guitar solo, that’s maybe my favourite on the record. I tracked it with the band, one take. I wanted to see if I could beat it – but they wouldn’t let me!”


1. Broken (feat. Beth Hart)
2. Turn And Walk Away
3. Courage In The Dark
4. Bleed (feat. Will Wilde on Harmonica)
5. Talkin’ To Myself
6. No Magic ( in the street )
7. I’ve Had Enough (feat. Dee Snider)
8. Love Of My Life
9. Breathe – written by Richard Gerstein
10. Heaven Or Hell
11. I Wanna Stay
12. Falls Apart

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