Philip Sayce talks creative independence, new album

Guitarist Philip Sayce is gearing up for the release of his highly anticipated album, The Wolves Are Coming, set to hit the shelves on February 23rd. In an exclusive interview, Philip discusses the journey behind this album and the significance of releasing it under his own record label, Atomic Gemini.

The pandemic-induced hiatus provided Sayce with a unique opportunity to delve into his creative process.

“This music was really created during a bleak time and it was done really without any filter,” says Sayce.

Recording the album during this time allowed him to pour his soul into the project, free from external influences. The Wolves Are Coming emerges as a deeply personal collection of songs, reflecting Sayce’s introspection and resilience during challenging times.

For Sayce, the decision to establish his own record label was a natural progression. With complete creative control and the freedom to follow his artistic instincts, Sayce crafted an album that truly embodies his musical identity. While partnering with 40 Below Records for distribution, Sayce emphasizes the importance of maintaining artistic integrity and authenticity.

Throughout the interview, Sayce reflects on the challenges and rewards of creative independence. From navigating the music industry’s closed doors to the enduring stigma surrounding indie artists, Sayce acknowledges the realities of forging his path. However, he remains steadfast in his commitment to authentic self-expression and artistic growth.

In addition to discussing his musical journey, Sayce shares insights into his guitars, including his recent affinity for Paul Reed Smith’s Silver Sky guitars. Sayce also shares his opinion on the impact of artificial intelligence in music and his stance on the hot-button issue.

Watch the interview below.

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