Gary Clark Jr. announces “JPEG Raw”, drops 4 new singles

Gary Clark Jr. will release his highly anticipated new album JPEG Raw on March 22nd. It’s Clark’s first album since 2019’s This Land.

“Blues will always be my foundation,” says Clark. “But that’s just scratching the surface. I’m also a beat maker and an impressionist who likes to do different voices. I’ve always loved theater and being able to tell a story. At home when I play the trumpet, I think Lee Morgan, or John Coltrane when I play the sax. I’ve even got bagpipes just in case I need them. So while this is my most honest and vulnerable album about relating to the human condition, it’s also the most freeing.”

JPEG Raw once again sees Clark working with longtime collaborator and co-producer Jacob Sciba.

“A lot of the scales from African music went into folk music, blues and country,” says Clark, whose influences and collaborations range from B.B. King, the Jackson 5 and Muddy Waters to Alicia Keys, Dave Grohl and Childish Gambino. “And we were playing African music in the studio. So that’s where the inspiration came from to go global as we talked about what was next after This Land.”

Clark has released a four-track sampler from the album featuring “Maktub”, “JPEG RAW”, “This Is Who We Are (feat. Naala)”, and “Hyperwave”.



This Is Who We Are (feat. Naala)



Don’t Start (feat. Valerie June)
This Is Who We Are (feat. Naala)
To The End Of The Earth
Alone Together (feat. Keyon Harrold)
What About The Children (feat. Stevie Wonder)
Hearts In Retrograde
Funk Which U (feat. George Clinton)

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