Pressing Strings: …And I For You Review

Pressing Strings is an Annapolis, Maryland based trio who just released their full-length album …And I For You. On July 14, 2023 Warren Haynes’ Evil Teen Records revealed the album produced by Steve Wright, who helped Pressing Strings encapsulate the most enduring music they’ve ever made. It is the first album wherein Jordan Sokel (guitar), Nick Welker (bass), and Justin Kruger (drums) euphoniously shared the singing and helped with the harmonies as opposed to having one lead vocalist. With influential tones of folk, blues, rock, funk, soul, and reggae, …And I For You is a smart and thematic album revolving around love, gratitude, determination, perseverance, and wisdom. 

And I For You has eleven songs filled with emotion. It begins with “Ellie’s Introduction,” a deep statement made by a confident preschooler to her dad. It immediately tugged at my heart strings and should be printed on merch. “Your Love” is a folk love song with a hint of reggae undertones that would be the perfect wedding song. Pressing Strings released a quirky music video that is as creative as it is adorable with cameos by little Ellie, who we heard in the introduction. “No One Else” is similar in sound to The Spinners’ “I’ll Be There” and perfectly conveys the poetic lyrics that bring emotions to the surface. “Weather the Storm” reminds us that time is not always kind, people will be callous, yet you can claim your success despite life’s turmoil, especially with a helpful partner by your side. “Mercy” contains somber lyrical content but provides natural advice. It’s about trying to get your partner to provide mercy when they have nothing nice to say about you while respecting their opinion, even if it hurts.  “Down For You” is the theme song for a ride or die type of partner.

“When the Morning Comes” is soulful, filled with guttural wails about running to your love. A live recording of “Carousel” hooks the listener by building momentum and dropping into a blues-rock vibe. “Oh My My” is upbeat, catchy, and smooth. It immediately makes you want to dance along. The hand-clapping invites and creates a positive atmosphere. “We Will Be Alright” starts with acoustic jams but transitions into a full ensemble about getting through hardships and growing old together. This song repeats itself in an apt acoustic version as the tenth song on the album.

Overall …And I For You is a solid love album but deeply describes the various situations, emotions, and plans one makes when in love. Having opened for acts such as The Beach Boys, Gov’t Mule, JJ Grey & Mofro, and Rachael Yamagata, it’s great to see them rightfully headlining as they press their strings along their 19 city tour. 

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Carousel
– Oh My My
– We Will Be Alright

The Big Hit

– We Will Be Alright

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