Hannah Wicklund releases “Witness” single

Hannah Wicklund has released a music video for her new single, “Witness.” It’s the second single released from Wicklund’s upcoming album, The Prize, out October 13.

“Witness” is about claiming heartbreak, embracing it and using that to heal through some of the toughest times in life. Perhaps one of the most satisfying songs she’s ever written, a song she says truly helped heal her. “Getting into your first relationship as a strong, driven, and accomplished young woman, it’s very difficult to experience someone dim your light, but even harder to recognize it,” Hannah confesses. “Insecurities within young people play out in terrifying ways, and it’s very hard to not absorb other people’s darkness. Witness was the awareness I found in myself that it is not my responsibility to save anyone.”


“Hell In The Hallway” 
“Hide and Seek” 
“Lost Love” 
“Song Bird Sing” 
“The Prize” 
“Can’t Get Enough” 
“Dark Passenger” 
“Sun To Sun” 

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