Albany Down announce “Born In The Ashes”

UK based blues rock band Albany Down have announced a September 1st release date for their new album, Born In The Ashes.

The group’s 2016 album, The Outer Reach, was voted #5 on Blues Rock Review’s Top 20 Albums of 2016.

Born In The Ashes is produced by Greg Haver.

“We all came to the band with different but related musical influences” says guitarist/vocalist Paul Turley. “I wanted to build on those and write and play music that was all our own and contemporary. We enjoyed working with Greg and his team and he has undoubtedly enabled us to expand both our musical horizons and our self confidence in trying out new things.”

A music video has been released for the first single, “Always Want What You Can’t Have.”

“Always Want What You Can’t Have is one of the first songs I wrote for the new album,” says Paul. It was also the first song we recorded at Rockfield. The lyrics of the songs are both potent and relevant to those who are never satisfied with what they have in life.”

Album Track Listing (CD and Digital)

1.  Always Want What You Can’t Have
2.  Good News
3.  Same Damn Thing
4.  The Memory of What Used To Be
5.  Reflections
6.  Born In The Ashes
7.  Darkest Day
8.  Kingdom of the Blind
9.  Don’t Look Back
10. I’ll Come Running
11. Your Days Are Numbered
12. This Heavy Soul
13. Let Your Love Shine

Album Track Listing (Vinyl)

Side A

1. Always Want What You Can’t Have
2. Good News
3 Same Damn Thing
4. The Memory of What Used To Be
5. Reflections

Side B

6. Born In The Ashes
7. Darkest Day
8. I’ll Come Running
9. This Heavy Soul
10. Let Your Love Shine

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