Premiere: Roxy Roca – “Yazoo Queen”

In a Blues Rock Review exclusive premiere, stream Roxy Roca’s “Yazoo Queen.” It’s the band’s first single from its upcoming album, Greasy available November 3rd, 2023.

“‘Yazoo Queen’ just happened,” said frontman¬†Taye Cannon. “Truly, a riff filled the rehearsal space that reminded me of a song I was writing on tour way back in 2017. I grabbed the lyrics and started singing over it and moments later we had a serious jam on our hands. It’s a bit of an outlier, but possibly closest to where the band is evolving to musically. It’s a unique mix of old lyrics and our most recent musical mindset.”

The song was written deep into a two month tour as fatigue was setting in. “It’s a fictional tale that started late one night staring out the window of the tour bus as we passed through Yazoo City, Mississippi. Musically it’s our kick the door down “were back” anthem, which is why we chose it as our first single,” said Cannon.

When asked about the inspiration and theme behind their new album “Greasy,” band Cannon said, “ROXY ROCA’S theme since the beginning has been love, perseverance and higher-self remembrance. This album continues with that vibration and a whole lot of attitude. As a band, we take on the troubles of humanity while offering a silver lining wrapped in a rock ‘n’ roll state of mind.”

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