Greta Van Fleet announce new album “Starcatcher”

Greta Van Fleet has announced it will release its third studio album, Starcatcher, on July 21.

The band has released the first single, “Meeting the Master.” About the song the band says, “‘Meeting The Master’ peers into an esoteric world heeded by the word of a wise teacher. Sung in the voice of a devout believer, and eventual group exclamation, the song details the love these fervent followers have for their teacher and their firm belief in his vision. It’s an exotic spiritual journey. A dark comedy that inevitably ends in chaos.”

Starcatcher is produced by Grammy winner Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Rival Sons, Philip Sayce) and was recorded at RCA Studios in Nashville.

“We didn’t really have to force or be intense about writing, because everything that happened was very instinctual,” said guitarist Jake Kiszka. “If anything, the record is our perspective, and sums up where we are as a group and individually as musicians.

The album features 10 tracks. “We had this idea that we wanted to tell these stories to build a universe,” says drummer Danny Wagner. “We wanted to introduce characters and motifs and these ideas that would come about here and there throughout our careers through this world.”

Bassist/keyboardist Sam Kiszka added, “When I imagine the world of Starcatcher, I think of the cosmos,” he says. “It makes me ask a lot of questions, like ‘Where did we come from?’ or ‘What are we doing here?’ But it’s also questions like, ‘What is this consciousness that we have, and where did it come from?’”


  1. 1. Fate Of The Faithful
  2. Waited All Your Life
  3. The Falling Sky
  4. Sacred The Thread
  5. Runway Blues
  6. The Indigo Streak
  7. Frozen Light
  8. The Archer
  9. Meeting The Master
  10. Farewell For Now


May 5-7—Atlanta, GA—Shaky Knees Festival
May 5-7—Memphis, TN— Beale Street Music Festival
September 16-17—Asbury Park, NJ—Sea Hear Now 2023
September 20, 2024—Mexico City, CDMX—Foro Sol
September 27, 2024—Mexico City, CDMX—Foro Sol

5 thoughts on “Greta Van Fleet announce new album “Starcatcher”

  • Can we please send Josh K into outerspace until he develops a less irritating singing voice, he continues to hurt my ears. He is the only reason I can’t listen to this band…

  • The fact that you’d be moved so much to comment tells me exactly what I need to know. Stop seeking attention and listen to the music that speaks to YOU. Let others listen to GVF in peace.

  • Just saw GVF in SC…Josh sings effortlessly in his own classic rock style. I think you might want to review such rock masters as Geddy Lee, Robert Plant, Steven Tyler and hopefully expand your rock understanding. To each their own, but GVF is for real.

  • I’m 73 years old and I think this is a awesome group
    I would love to see them live the last concert I saw was Alice Copper

  • Geez, Anna B and Pete B. You shouldn’t take my criticism of GVF so personally. I think the band’s musicianship is fine, but the singer has very little range. Hey Pete B, I don’t need a “lecture” on other rock artists that have clearly inspired GVF. Listen to what you like, that is what I do. Once (if ever) Josh K develops more vocal range, I might give GVF a bit more of a listen… And Anna, if I need attention, I have other ways to seek it besides offering valid criticism of Josh K’s singing voice.


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