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Blues Rock Show: Why the Hate for Greta Van Fleet?

The Blues Rock Show discusses Greta Van Fleet announcing its third studio album, Starcatcher, and why they’re so polarizing among some music fans.

2 thoughts on “Blues Rock Show: Why the Hate for Greta Van Fleet?

  • Come on guys. You all are supposed to music critics. You both come off as total fan boys in this segment. Your bias has blinded you to some fair (and I would include constructive, at times) criticism. I would have expected you to do some actual research on why people don’t like them, instead of just trying to defend them from “criticism”. I’m not jealous of this band; in fact, most of the bands that have HEAVILY influenced them are not in my top favorite list. As I recall, the Monkees were once very popular (even had Jimi Hendrix open for them at some shows), but they were hardly the future of Rock and Roll music. I certainly understand that GVF is popular, but I feel their actual talent is not quite to the level that you all seem to claim. Hopefully you will be a bit more objective when you review their new album. Yes, it is possible to be very popular and have limited talent, there are plenty of bands that fit this mold. The question is, Will GVF still be around or listened to in 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 yrs??

  • This is BOGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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