Larkin Poe: Blood Harmony Review

Larkin Poe is a Grammy-nominated, Nashville-based blues and rock duo, comprised of Georgia-born multi-instrumentalists Rebecca and Megan Lovell. The exceptional two-piece band, formed in 2010, made an immediate impact and helped revitalize the blues rock scene with their roots-based yet intensely enterprising sound. Having headlined festivals and tours across the globe and released successful albums in the past few years, they are now a major act and have contributed greatly to popularizing blues/roots music among younger audiences. Adding another important chapter to this meteoric and already celebrated career, they are now releasing their newest full-length effort: Blood Harmony.

Blood Harmony was mainly recorded live at Rebecca’s home studio with the backing of drummer Kevin McGowan and bassist Tarka Layman, the duo’s touring rhythm section. Production was handled by the sisters, with Texan blues rocker, and Rebecca’s husband, Tyler Bryant (Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown) providing important input. With the competent production and tight backing band providing a solid foundation, Rebecca and Megan have continued to develop their sound from their previous albums, while still providing new and engaging ingredients. Although there are new elements in the compositions, a strong sense of continuity remains, and their already distinctive stamp stays at the forefront. This stamp, of course, refers to heavy rock, modern-sounding guitars and intense vocals crashing against the soul-filled, heavy on lap steel and slide, roots backdrop.

The opener and instantly captivating “The Deep Stays Down” starts off as a quieter run of resonator guitar riffs and swaggering vocals before the rhythm section emerges and propels the song into rock territory. The next track, “Bad Spell”, on the other hand, has no room for calmer sections and plunges right into glorious hard rock overdrive, with its huge fuzzy riffs and tectonic vocals adding unmatched intensity. Next, “Georgia Off My Mind” is a bit more on the mellow side with Rebecca unleashing an emotive vocal performance while the hard-charging “Strike Gold” picks up the tempo again.

“Southern Comfort” is pure southern rock delight while the punchy “Kick The Blues” plays out à la Junior Wells’ “Snatch It Back And Hold It”. “Might As Well Be Me” is a soul stirrer of slow blues devotion and a platform for intense, emotionally-charged vocals and guitar soloing. Then, the hard rocker “Summertime Sunset” is called into play and impresses for its heavy, tasty riffage, stinging guitar work and authoritative vocal delivery.

Given these elements, Blood Harmony is yet another album that solidifies Larkin Poe as one of the premier acts of the global blues rock scene, in addition to expanding their musical identity. Spending some quality time listening to it is recommended.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– The Deep Stays Down
– Bad Spell
– Georgia Off My Mind
– Might As Well Be Me
– Summertime Sunset

The Big Hit

– Bad Spell

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