Robert Jon and the Wreck: Wreckage Vol. 2 Review

If there’s a word to describe Robert Jon and the Wreck it’s probably steady. The band’s consistency of quality over the years is impressive and the band continues that trend with Wreckage Vol. 2. It’s Robert Jon and the Wreck’s first album since signing to Joe Bonamassa’s Keeping the Blues Alive record label. Wreckage Vol. 2 features 10 live tracks recorded in various locations.

“She’s A Fighter” opens the album. The song was released earlier in 2022 and is one of the more entertaining music videos of the year. “Waiting For Your Man” was also released as a single earlier this year and is a hard-charging rocker. “Rescue Train” was recorded just before the pandemic and is actually one of the band’s oldest songs.

Robert Jon and the Wreck generally don’t tackle many cover songs but do so with “The Weight” by The Band. Robert Jon and the Wreck’s version gives the song a funkier feel and has a great groove. “Old Hotel” room is a newer track and a definite standout. Burrison sings about the feeling of loneliness experienced on the road. The heartfelt “Dark Roses” follows which is about the loss of a close friend of the band’s.

“Cannonball” is an instrumental track on the album and was featured on 2019’s Take Me Higher. Clocking in over 9 minutes, this is a great one for the live environment.

The final two tracks on the album, “Something To Remember” and “Witchcraft” were both recorded live from DJE livestream studio. “Something To Remember” is definitely one of the band’s funkiest tunes and “Witchcraft” is a trippy instrumental.

Robert Jon and the Wreck’s prolific output continues to impress. Live or in the studio, Robert Jon and the Wreck are must hear. Wreckage Vol. 2 should satisfy new fans and old as the band continues to grow its audience.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– She’s A Fighter
– Waiting For Your Man
– Old Hotel Room
– Dark Roses

The Big Hit

– Old Hotel Room

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