Premiere: The Hungry Williams – “Movin’ On”

In a Blues Rock Review exclusive premiere, watch the brand new music video for “Movin’ On” from The Hungry Williams. It’s from the Milwaukee-based band’s new album, Let’s Go, available on September 9th.

“The video was a blast to make, and it was so lucky for us that we were able to shoot a large part of it at the Symco Weekender, a classic car and music festival in central Wisconsin,” said lead singer Kelli Gonzalez. “Lots of rootsy bands from all over the country perform there. The classic cars and overall vibe added so much to the video. I do have to admit driving a 19 foot long car is a bit scary but I felt pretty cool doing it.”

“Movin On” features a retro vibe and Songwriter/keyboardist Jack Stewart added, “I love all New Orleans piano, but the tunes put out by Fats Domino, Dave Bartholomew, Archibald and those guys have the triplet beat that for me defines ‘50s R&B as it crossed over into Rock N’ Roll. I wanted to write something that I could imagine on an Imperial Records 78, being flipped onto a jukebox spindle at a roadhouse bar that would get people dancing… and it had to be no more than two and a half minutes to keep the disc jockeys happy.”

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