Mike Brookfield: Built To Last Review

Dublin based blues rock guitarist Mike Brookfield returns with Built To Last. It follows 2021’s instrumental album, Hey Kiddo. The album is Brookfield’s 5th studio record.

Brookfield kicks things off with “Delirium Town.” The track begins with an atmospheric instrumental before transitioning to an upbeat rocker. “Speedway” is an album standout with its versatility and dynamics and you’ll notice a lot of versatility on Built To Last.

Brookfield delivers a Country/Americana feel with “East Village Vinyl Queen.” “Dunkirk Spirit” is another Americana track that Brookfield described on the Blues Rock Show as “a metaphor for coming together.”

“A Life Lived Together” takes a more stripped-back approach with a melancholy feel while Mike heads back into blues rock territory with “Nothing To Sing But The Blues.” The song is complimented by beautiful piano and Mike’s guitar here really shines with what’s probably the standout guitar solo on the album.

Brookfield goes back to country territory with “Snatched It Up From Hand,” which includes some tasty playing on the pedal steel. Built To Last closes with the title track which has Mike back on the acoustic guitar and his wife, Grainne, providing backing vocals.

Built To Last may be Brookfield’s best album to date. Brookfield is a fantastic guitar and a strong storyteller. If you’re looking for classy guitar playing and quality lyrics, give Built To Last a spin.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Speedway
– Dunkirk Spirit
– Nothing To Sing But The Blues
– Built To Last

The Big Hit

– Nothing To Sing But The Blues


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