Joanne Shaw Taylor releases “Fade Away” video

Joanne Shaw Taylor has released a music video for her new single, “Fade Away.” The track is from Joanne’s upcoming album, Nobody’s Fool, available October 28.

About “Fade Away,” Joanne says, “Fade Away is a song I wrote about my mom who we lost in 2013. It’s a song about missing her, not being able to talk to her and if I was able to talk to her now, the advice she would give me and what would she say.”


  1. Nobody’s Fool
  2. Bad Blood 
  3. Won’t Be Fooled Again feat. Joe Bonamassa
  4. Just No Getting Over You (Dream Cruise)
  5. Fade Away feat. Tina Guo (Joanne Shaw Taylor and Sharon Corbitt)
  6. Then There’s You (Joanne Shaw Taylor and James House)
  7. Runaway
  8. Missionary Man feat. Dave Stewart (Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart)
  9. Figure It Out feat. Carmen Vandenberg
  10. The Leaving Kind (Joanne Shaw Taylor, Joe Bonamassa, Leslie Satcher and Beth Nielsen Chapman)
  11. New Love (Josh Smith, Calvin Turner and Dylan Altman)

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