Anthony Gomes: High Voltage Blues Review

Anthony Gomes has established himself over the years as one of blues rock’s top artists. Now Gomes has signed a new record deal with rock label, Rat Pack Records. Gomes’ first album on Rat Pack, High Voltage Blues, features 15 tracks (including three bonus tracks). The idea is to introduce some of Anthony’s best rock-oriented work to a wider audience. Most of the tracks are new versions of previously recorded Gomes staples, but the album does include three new songs. The album is produced by Peter Carson and mixed by Chris Collier.

High Voltage Blues opens with the raucous “Painted Horse.” Gomes originally recorded the song with his southern rock/country outfit, New Soul Cowboys. It’s a statement opener and one of five tracks featuring legendary bassist Billy Sheehan and Korn drummer, Ray Luzier. “Painted Horse” is a song that means business is about to pick up.

New versions of “Born To Ride” and “Rebel Highway” from New Soul Cowboys are also included. “Rebel Highway” is a bonus track and a definite highlight with its infectious chorus.

New Gomes originals on the album include “Fur Covered Handcuffs,” “Blues-A-Fied” and “I Believe.” “Fur Covered Handcuffs” is a fun rocker about well… you guessed it, and “Blues-A-Fied” is a blues shuffle and one of the first singles. “I Believe” is sure to be a fan favorite with its catchy nature.

Fans will also find new versions of Gomes favorites like “Peace, Love, & Loud Guitars,” “Turn It Up!,” and “Hell and Half of Georgia.” “Peace, Love, & Loud Guitars” is the title track from Blues Rock Review’s #1 album of 2018. This version has a bit of extra shred at the beginning and some definite variations with the guitar licks. The production on “Turn In Up!” is really elevated from Electric Field Holler. This time around the song truly becomes high voltage (pun intended) and the backing vocals are a great touch. “Hell of Half of Georgia” was a standout from Containment Blues and the new version turns up the volume a bit.

Whether you’re a long-time Gomes fan or you’re just discovering him, there’s plenty to dig into with High Voltage Blues. It’s a fitting title as it takes Gomes’ previously written tracks and shoots electric energy into them. You can’t go wrong with the new tracks and the overall production might be the best of any Gomes album to date. High Voltage Blues is another winner from Anthony Gomes.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Painted Horse
– Peace, Love, & Loud Guitars
– I Believe
– Turn It Up!
– Rebel Highway

The Big Hit

– Painted Horse

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Pete Francis

Pete Francis is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Blues Rock Review. Pete founded Blues Rock Review in 2010 because he felt there was a major void in how the blues rock genre was covered. Pete is the host of Blues Rock Weekly and a co-host on the Blues Rock Show.

4 thoughts on “Anthony Gomes: High Voltage Blues Review

  • Incredible voice, guitarist and maybe more importantly, an incredible human being as well! No ego, just a great guy who couldn’t be more genuine and knows how to kick ass – I’m definitely a fan!!

  • The guitarist in our band is a friend of AG and is always talking about his musicianship, so I decided to give this album a try (also because it had tracks featuring Billy Sheehan, who is an absolute bass beast!). Gotta say, really dig this album. I like blues, but enjoy them more when they are higher energy and this album is pretty thunderous! Painted Horse is an excellent kick off, but it doesn’t let up throughout. Great car music!
    The bass growl is killer on Peace, Love and Loud Guitars (this is a real arena anthem sounding song, plus dig the shout out to Montreal!). Blues-a-fied and Fur Covered Handcuffs have really fun grooves. Turn It Up and White Trash Princess are in a similar vein as Painted Horse and have some serious crunch! In my opinion, there are no duds on this album. These days, how often can you say that?
    I think this album will appeal to blues fans as well as rockers.
    Kind of cool to get the autographed CD as well!

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