Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp: 18 Review

Jeff Beck is one of the most legendary guitarists in the world. Beck has influenced many over the years and has done several collaborations. Now comes a collaboration in which many weren’t exactly sure what to expect.

Johnny Depp is a world famous actor and leading into this album, Depp’s name has been everywhere due to the highly publicized defamation case with Amber Heard.

The duo first met back in 2016 and a friendship grew. In 2019, they decided to record an album. They recorded in 2020 and finally, here we are with the finished product.

18 features 13 tracks, 11 covers, and two originals. We kick things off with the instrumental “Midnight Walker” which features Beck’s beautiful guitar work. The song is a Davy Spillane cover. Then Depp joins in on the second track, Killing Joke’s “Death and Resurrection” which has a techno feel.

The first original track on the album is the Depp penned “Sad Mother-Fuckin Parade.” This track feels like it would play out in a movie montage where the main character is in some sort of haze. The song lives up to its title as it’s a parade of f-bombs.

Beck’s exquisite guitar returns on the Beach Boys’ “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On Your Shoulder).” Then we get the other original track, also penned by Depp, “This Is A Song For Miss Hedy Lamarr.” This was released earlier as a single. It’s an homage to the actress/inventor with Depp on vocals and Beck nails the guitar solo.

That album takes a soul turn on “Ooo Baby Baby,” a Miracles cover with Depp providing a falsetto vocal. That’s followed by Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.”

“Venus In Furs” is the duo’s take on The Velvet Underground original written by Lou Reed. It’s a strong rocker and probably where Depp’s vocals shine the most. Things wrap up with John Lennon’s “Isolation,” which was the first single.

18 is a very experimental album. There’s definitely some great Beck guitar but the album is sort of all over the place. If you’re looking for a changeup it’s worth a listen, but there are not a lot of tracks you’ll be putting on repeat.

The Review: 7/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Venus In Furs
– This Is A Song For Miss Hedy Lamarr
– Isolation

The Big Hit

– Venus In Furs

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Pete Francis

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9 thoughts on “Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp: 18 Review

  • For Hedy Lamar- Depp, I thought he did a great job delivering the message.

  • You got it all wrong! Yes, “Venus is fur” is a great hit, but the biggest hit of the album is “This is a song for Miss Hedy Lamarr”. It’s a great collaboration between Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp, and an exquisite variety of music styles. Not to forget the album is a smashing hit on ITunes and Amazon! But, I guess, everybody is entitled to their opinions, including you.

  • I thought the album 18 was excellent.I loved Johnny’s vocals in Stars and Let it Be Me.Both beautiful. There are some strong singles Hedy Lamar, Venus in Chains and Isolation. I am enjoying it.Please give a listen.Its pretty cool

  • I loved the album and listen to it over and over in my car driving

  • I loved the Album 18 and Listen to it over

    I loved Johnny s vocals in Stars

  • I loved the CD, that Johnny,and Jeff did. They both did a great job. I listen to it everyday.

  • Loved Johnny Depp voice. Album is great can’t stop listening to it.

  • The “18” Album is terrible. Just a disaster.

  • Surprised the f-bomb out of me. I rushed home to listen to the whole thing. Anything Mr. Beck puts out I get my ears on as much as possible. Johnny I knew you were not haggin around the big guys for props. Fantastic Job.


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