Dom Martin: A Savage Life Review

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Dom Martin has been impressing the world of blues rock with his powerful and striking sound. Having started his career in 2018 and launched his first full-length album Spain To Italy in 2019, the award-winning Martin has featured and left quite the impression in numerous festivals across Europe, which earned him the label of the next Rory Gallagher. To be compared to one of the genre’s all-time greats is quite the feat at such an early stage of one’s career, but Martin’s appeal goes far beyond comparisons with icons of the past. His bold style, which combines rawness with subtlety, also represents the present and future of blues rock. Martin released his sophomore album, A Savage Life, last April.

Backed by Dave Thompson (bass) and Laurence McKeown (drums), Martin offers a selection of songs focused on his blues and roots influences, either amped up by a rocking attack or approached more subtly. The production is top-notch and allows the instruments enough room to breathe while the overall sound retains a modern, clean-sounding standard.

The album kicks off with a rough, heavy-on-fuzz, blues rocker in “Unsatisfied”. The track’s slow-burning pace provides the groundwork for Martin’s expressive, battle-weary vocals and guitar heroics. His aggression is then softened for the two following tracks: “Here Comes The River” is a calm, acoustic number that is more folk than blues while “Blues On The Bay” is an evocative, slow blues number filled with tasty licks.

“The Man From Nowhere” is a retro-styled, front-porch blues number and another example of Martin’s range of styles. “12 Gauge”, on the other hand, is a fierce blues rocker, complete with a colossal riff and fast lead guitar runs. It’s a perfect example of how a modern, high-powered blues rock song should sound. “Drink In Blue Colours” and the instrumental “Maxwell Shuffle” are also highlights for the latter part of the record.

A Savage Life is another step in the career of a musician who increasingly establishes himself as a prominent figure when it comes to blues rock. Expect to hear more about Dom Martin and his approach that pays tribute to the past but does not forget to look to the future. Lastly, we also highly recommend that you stay tuned for his next releases and catch him live whenever possible.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks 

– Unsatisfied
– Blues On The Bay
– The Man From Nowhere
– 12 Gauge
– Drink In Blue Colours

The Big Hit 

– 12 Gauge

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3 thoughts on “Dom Martin: A Savage Life Review

  • Saw this guy supporting Eric Gales.. Awesome performance and guy deserves to be massive. Has a great voice

  • beside a great voice he jus a more than fantastic guitar player. Fan of the man since i first saw him in Bellyshannon in a pub and the next day by the statue of Rory Gallagher. Seen him more than once since then and always with great pleasure. And, he is a very very nice guy to talk to.

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